US Outlet Finds

Whilst in the States, it was a given that I’d be making the most of the discounts at the outlet malls. You’ll regularly find 40-50% off retail price, which in turn tends to be cheaper than UK prices anyway. We actually ended up visiting 2 outlet malls whilst in Galveston, one in the week, which was super quiet, and one on tax-free weekend, which was absolutely insane. There were people queueing outside stores like Tory Burch just to get in, despite the tax-free offer only being on items under $100. And all this in 100 degree heat in the Texan summer. Needless to say, I was physically unable to queue outside in temperatures like that – I would have melted – but I still managed to take advantage and grab some great bargains.

One thing which I’d had my eye on was a Michael Kors bag. I picked up this gorgeous navy tote, half price, which I was really pleased with! It’s amazingly soft leather, and the perfect size for my iPad/laptop or notebooks, which was something I was looking for. The straps are a great length, plenty long enough to be carried on the shoulder, and I’m a massive fan of the colour. Honestly, I should probably get a nice black bag at some point, but I’m just loving navy at the moment. Unfortunately, it might clash with most of my clothes…


Of course, whilst I was there, with such a great discount, I couldn’t resist grabbing this matching little purse/pouch thing. It’s a great size, perfect for popping all the little bits and pieces in your bag into, or using as a travel make up bag, although I’m not really sure what I’ll be using it for yet. The leather is even softer than the bag, and honestly I’m wary of using this for fear of ruining it!


Although technically not designer, there are massive Nike outlets at every outlet mall, and I instantly gravitated towards these awesome retro Air Pegasus. They’re an amazing burgundy/purple colour, and super comfortable too. Plus, they were only $49. Which is about £30. When I’ve been over to the US before, there are often not that many trainers in the Nike outlets that I like, so I was really impressed this time round.


Finally, I couldn’t resist popping into Kate Spade, despite it being tax-free weekend. It was crazy, to say the least, but I picked up this cute pink/coral purse. I love it! I’m a massive fan of Kate Spade, and only resisted buying a handbag as I’ve already got 2 :’) Their products are great quality, but it’s the colours which I love. There’s a massive variety, and often the colours are quite different from what you’ll find elsewhere.


I’ll also be doing a make up haul post, which made up the rest of my spending. I just love shopping in the US, although I have to admit the tax usually catches me out! But they seem to have so many more products, and at generally cheaper prices. I can’t wait to go back!

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