Five Favourites: 20th September 2015

Back to my weekly favourites this weekend! Most of these are probably going to be holiday related (sorry!), but I can almost definitely promise that I’ll stop talking about Bratislava sometime soon.. 🙂

1.Real hot chocolate

In quite a few places that I’ve been to in Europe, they have amazing chocolateries where they have real hot chocolate, which tends to basically be pure melted chocolate. That you drink. Yup. They’re awesome. The combination I had in Bratislava was white melted chocolate with mint liqueur… *drools*.


2. Scarves

As unfortunate as it is that the weather has got really cold already, it does mean I can start cracking out my collection of scarves! I’m a massive fan of scarves and have way too many, and will probably end up buying many more over the next few months.

There’s just something so satisfying about being able to wrap yourself up in a big cosy scarf, and head out of the house ready for the day. Some of my favourites are from New Look, Zara, and H&M.

3. Fajitas

I’m a super fussy eater so I don’t exactly have the most traditional style of fajitas. I often add rice, so it’s more like a burrito, I add chicken which has been cooked in a frying pan with onion, garlic, chicken stock and fajita spice, and then I top with baked beans (I know…) and plenty of cheese. Nom!

You’re probably all thinking I’m a bit crazy for liking this but in general fajitas are a great thing to make if you’re cooking for quite a few people, as you can easily do most of the ingredients in bulk and people can just add what they want. Plus, I enjoy creating my own fajita – I can add all the baked beans that I want!

4. Melissa & Joey

If you haven’t heard of this TV show, it’s on E4 most weekdays, and is originally from the States. You should also check this out sharpish! The main character is played by Melissa Joan Hart, of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame, who has the imaginative name in this series of Mel. Mel takes in her sister’s two teenage children after her sister and brother-in-law are sent to jail, despite Mel being a busy state politician. In order to look after the children, Mel hires Joey, who doesn’t have any experience looking after children but does happen to show up on Mel’s doorstep when she needs a nanny.

The four series go on to show the unlikely family as the children grow up and Mel and Joey actually grow to like each other (although they still argue. A lot). I’m currently on series 3 and I’m addicted! A definite must-see for any fans of Friends/HIMYM/Rules of Engagement-style sitcoms.


5. MAC Antiqued eyeshadow

I am such a huge fan of red-toned eyeshadows lately, be that a red-toned brown or a shimmery burnt colour like Antiqued. I’ve been using this and a Buxom shadow which is also a red shimmery colour almost non-stop recently. So pretty and so perfect for fall!


That’s all for my favourites this week! Check back in the week for an exciting update, and more beauty and make up posts! TTFN.


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