Five Favourites: 27th September 2015

Welcome back to my weekly favourites! I’ve had a pretty stressful week, what with starting a new job and having to get my car fixed, so there haven’t been too many enjoyable things this week. But I’ve cobbled a few together here for you, so enjoy!

1.This black and gold smoky eye

I had a bit of an experimental day with make up earlier this week, and came out with this smoky eye, with gold across the lid and black smoked out in the outer corners. I’ve never really used black eyeshadow too much before, but I thought this worked really well!


2. Creamy Garlic Pasta

I’m constantly searching for pasta sauce recipes that I can both cook and that I actually like, so I was pretty pleased to find this super simple recipe for a creamy garlic sauce. I also pretty much love anything with garlic in it at the moment, so an all-round winner – I just have to remember to brush my teeth afterwards!

3. YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer

I can’t quite work out if this is a bronzer or what they call a ‘blur perfecto’, but I saw this product being used in a couple of tutorials on YouTube and I just had to get my hands on it. I picked it up from in the sale, so it wasn’t too extortionate. Used with the Real Techniques Sculpting brush, which is like an angled, oval0shaped stippling brush, this is perfect for warming up the face. It’s a cream-type formula but really easy to apply, and so simple to blend out. I got this in the shade 06 Sienne, which on the website looked really dark. In reality, it’s actually a similar shade to some of my lighter bronzers (it looks even lighter in the picture below!), making it perfect for the upcoming autumn months as I lose my tan (*sob*). All in all, massively pleased that I picked this up.


4. Sleep

Well duh, I guess this is an obvious one! However, being super busy over the last week has made me value my sleep even more! Also, is there really not anything better than waking up and realising you can go back to sleep for another couple of hours?! I can’t think of anything…

5. Painting my nails

I’ve always been a bit love it/hate it with nail varnish. I’ll go through phases of being obsessed with it, buying multiple polishes whenever I go shopping, and then I won’t bother painting my nails sometimes for months on end. At the moment I’m definitely going through a phase of loving it. I tend to get put off by the effort of painting my nails and then having to wait for them to dry, and I almost always end up ruining at least one nail (I literally did this last night), but lately the value of having nicely painted nails has won out over the monotony of literally waiting for (nail)paint to dry. And here’s one I made earlier…


Thanks for tuning in to my weekly favourites, I’m hoping to get a few more posts in this week (fingers crossed!) so see you again soon 🙂


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