Five Favourites: 6th September 2015

I can’t believe it’s already September! Not only does summer seem to have resolutely departed, but I might actually have to start getting my life together now that I’ve officially graduated and left academic life, *sob*. Nothing massively to look forward to in the coming month then! But there’s always the little things to be happy about, so here are five of those that I’ve been particularly loving this week 🙂

1.The Happiness Project

This is a book by Gretchen Rubin, which I think I’ve mentioned on this blog before. It’s actually more of a memoir, but just reading this book makes me want to be a bit more positive in life, and make a bit more effort with family and friends. I’m currently only up to chapter 5 (on Leisure), but loving it, and even taking notes to remember for later!


2. Cosmopolitan magazine

I know, I know. I’ve always subscribed to Glamour, but I picked up the new-look Cosmo the other day, and it’s pretty swanky. I *think* it’s now more similar to the US version in design terms, but I really like it. Mostly, though, I like the revamped Beauty section inside – so many magazines seem to skimp on this, and it’s one of my favourite parts to read! So a big thumbs up from me, seriously considering subscribing!

3. Princess Diaries – Royal Wedding

I only find this slightly embarrassing to admit, but I was a huge fan of the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. I read them from when I was about 8, which was far too young really! It’s slightly more embarrassing that I’m now reading the latest instalment in the series, although I will justify this by arguing that this is a new novel aimed at adults (clearly, all the people who read the original books the first time round…). It’s super easy reading, but it’s genuinely so nice to read a book with characters you know and love, especially when Cabot has a few funny plot twists thrown in there to actually keep it interesting. Definitely not embarrassed to say that I’m loving this!


4. Cereal

I should probably avoid eating big breakfasts, because it makes me hungry for the rest of the day, but I’m randomly enjoying cereal at the moment. Something that’s considered a proper meal, but involves no cooking – that’s my kind of food :’) I also like having a bowl of cereal mid-afternoon or later on in the evening if I’m really hungry, and it’s a filling enough snack which isn’t too unhealthy. It’s weird that I’m rambling on about the merits of cereal, isn’t it? Moving on swiftly…

5. Magic Stars

Yep, another food favourite. But also they’re on offer for £1 for a big ‘sharing’ bag (which no one ever shares) in Tesco and they just keep falling into my basket. Oh well. Nom.

So that’s the first weekly favourites of September over and done with. What are you guys up to this coming month? I’d love to know!


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