[REVIEW] Roberto Cavalli Paradiso EDP

Popping into duty free at Heathrow on the way to the US was, of course, quite dangerous. The damage wasn’t too bad, although one of the two things I picked up was the Roberto Cavalli Paradiso perfume in the 50ml size. Since I’d tried it in another duty free on the way to Barcelona in April, I knew I wanted to get it.

This is really the perfect understated holiday scent. It’s not obviously a summer holiday fragrance, neither is it too sickly sweet. It is slightly floral, ever so slightly woody, and in my opinion perfect for both day and night. It is described as feminine and sensual, yet a carefree holiday fragrance, and I completely agree with this! It’s light enough to wear in the day, and sophisticated enough to wear in the evening.


With top notes of mandarin and bergamot, it has a slightly tangy, citrusy initial scent, but this mellows out into the middle note of jasmine. When I first tried this again in duty free, it did surprise me. Before, I had tried it on and then kept getting whiffs of scent whilst I was on the plane, and I thought it smelt amazing. Second time round, the initial scent was quite strong, almost overpowering, but the smell really does get better and better. The slightly woody scent comes from the base notes of cypress, parasol pine, and pink laurel.

Whilst on holiday, I didn’t often wear this in the day, but more often in the evenings. It was absolutely perfect, never over the top, but just noticeable. It’s reasonably long-lasting, in that it wouldn’t last all day, but certainly stays strong for a good few hours before beginning to slowly fade. The bottle, too, is absolutely gorgeous, and looks fantastic on my drawers with all my other perfumes! The design is apparently based upon diamonds, intended to represent the many aspects of a woman’s personality, which I think is a great aim with a perfume which would appeal to almost anyone.

Overall, I’m exceedingly glad that I picked this up for my holiday, and not just because I hadn’t brought any other perfume with me. I’d highly recommend this, and it is definitely still available – perfect for reminding one of fantastic summer holidays still to come!


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