Fall Fragrance Wishlist

As I think today’s weather attested (freezing cold & torrential rain), summer is well and truly over, and as a consequence I’m not finding myself reaching for my usual perfumes so often. Most of the fragrances I own are quite sweet and summery, which I find doesn’t quite fit with traipsing about in the wind and rain wearing at least one scarf and many layers. I’ve put together a list of some of the perfumes which I think are more appropriate for this time of year, and they are of course all scents which I would love to own!

– Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black

I received a deluxe sample size of this as a 100 point perk, and I love it! It’s sweet but has a darker undertone, which almost adds a hint of masculinity to the fragrance, although not overpoweringly so. It lasts really well, and the warm elements of sandalwood and vanilla make this a really sophisticated fragrance.


– Miss Dior

It’s the elegance of this perfume which I think makes it more of a fall fragrance than a more fun summer one. It’s quite rich and intense, but not overly warm, although base notes of musk and patchouli make it quite comforting. Elements of jasmine and mandarin add a sweet floral twist. Such an amazing scent!


– YSL Black Opium

This is just a great fragrance. It’s marketed as mysterious and energetic, which I actually agree with (although they’re still weird words to describe a perfume!). It’s darkly floral, and coffee as a heart note really warms this up and sets it apart from others.


– Giorgio Armani Sì

‘Chic, sultry, intense, and soft’ – perfect for a fall fragrance! Not too intense, but retaining sophistication. Once again, a warm fragrance (as most fall perfumes will be), but with that top note of mandarin, plus blackcurrant liqueur, to add sweetness and sharpness. A classic.


– Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom

Such an amazing blend of scents! The mimosa is described as being the warm sun, the warmth within this fragrance, whilst the cardamom is the bright light, the sharp top note which gives the perfume an unusual kick. Tonga beans, the base note, can be used as a substitute for vanilla, adding both that warmth and sweetness that vanilla brings. A truly unique blend, worth a try if you get the chance.


These are five fall fragrances which I would love to own, and which I know I would use throughout the rest of the year. Perfect for this season, they all bring an element of warmth whilst retaining a slight sweetness and sophistication which stops them from becoming too warm and bland. What a great collection to have!


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