Five Favourites: 11th October 2015

This is going to be a super quick favourites I’m afraid, as once again I forgot! It’s Sunday night and I’ve had so little free time this weekend, which is really unusual for me! Anyway, keep reading to check outs week’s favourites.

1.Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette

I know, I know, I only posted about this a week or so ago. But actually I’ve really been enjoying this so far. I’ve only done one really smoky eye with these shadows, as I’m mostly doing make up for work, but using the darker silver and purple shades I managed to create an amazing cool smoky eye which wasn’t too over the top. There’s a few really wearable golden toned shades, like Dirtysweet, and Radar, which can be mixed in easily with the darker shades. A surprisingly wearable palette that I’ve been reaching for more and more often.


2. Cadbury’s Winter Edition chocolate

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this in shops, but actually it seems like all of the Christmas chocolates and biscuits are already being stocked! Classic Dairy Milk with added white chocolate goodness, in the shape of tiny Christmas trees. What’s not to love??


3. Teapigs Everyday Brew tea

For some reason I had some samples of these tea bags, and I’ve been taking them to work as the free tea there is disgusting, and they’re honestly just great. It’s the regular tea that I love, but more flavoursome and luxurious. Even the little bag that the tea comes in is made of better material than a normal teabag! Highly recommend this, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying some of their more adventurous flavours.


4. Brianna Fox

This girl is one of my favourite Youtubers of all time! She does fantastic make up tutorials, posting so often and yet always keeping things fresh and different. Her hauls and blogs are also great, and she just has the best advice on all things beauty related. So worth a watch, check Brianna out here.

5. Autumn

Although I am of course sad to see the summer go, especially as it was my last summer to have some time off and do pretty much what I wanted, but I’m also a big fan of autumn. The changing colour of the leaves on the trees, the slight drop in temperature which means boots and scarves make every outfit, even the darker nights which mean snuggling up in front of the telly with plenty of tea and snacks every evening. The weather getting worse isn’t ideal, but I enjoy making the most of what we’ve got.



So that’s this week’s favourites sorted for another week! Once again, I hope to get a few more posts up the week but as previous weeks show it could go either way! Hopefully you all had great weekends, and here’s to a speedy but enjoyable working week 🙂


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