Five Favourites: 25th October 2015

It’s that time of the week again when I forget I haven’t done this post and end up writing it late on a Sunday afternoon before it’s officially not the weekend anymore :’) So this is what I’ve been living this past week..

1.New Look socks

These cute socks are from New Look, and for £1.99 each or £4 for 3 pairs, they’re a bit of a bargain. They’re also super comfortable and not bad quality. I’ve always been a sucker for cute socks, and these are just perfect for the autumn months and, of course, moving closer to Christmas!


2. Jed

This is our little dog, Jed 🙂 He’s a cocker spaniel, and he’s nearly 9 but has the energy and attitude of a young puppy. He’s the cutest little thing, and because my mum is on holiday at the moment, I’m his new favourite person! Which means lots of attention and lots of cuddles ?


3. Marks & Spencer’s Dine-In deal

This is, quite frankly, another absolute bargain. M&S run a dine-in for 2 type deal, which includes a main, side, dessert, and a bottle of wine. I know places like Tesco also do deals like this, but M&S’s is just the best. We got a whole chicken, packet of potatoes (enough to feed 4), and huge dessert (which was advertised as feeding 4), and this bottle of rosé here. It was a ridiculous amount of food, but it was also M&S food, which everyone knows is great quality. Nom.


4. J Crew necklace

I picked up quite a few necklaces over in the US, because they just seemed to be such great quality, even if they were a bit more than I would usually spend on a necklace. This one is from J Crew, and was both from an outlet and in the sale, so I think it ended up being about $16 after tax. It’s a perfect length, neither to short nor too long, and is just so different to anything else I own. A true wear-with-anything piece.


5. Popcorn

Yep, another food favourite I’m afraid! My brother has been obsessed with microwave popcorn for years, and it never really appealed to me until lately. It’s so easy to make, it comes out warm and buttery, and the sweet and salted flavour tastes just like (extremely expensive) cinema popcorn. All for a couple of quid for 3 packets. I’m obsessed with the stuff, and I’ve probably eaten way too much of it in the past week or two!

That’s a short and sweet favourites for this week, I hope you’ve all been able to make the most of this wet and dreary weekend! Oh, and don’t forget the clocks have now gone back, so prepare for lots of wintery posts coming your way on these dark early nights!


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