Five Favourites: 4th October 2015

I’m sat here on a Sunday afternoon watching the football, although only because there’s nothing else to do of course, so I thought I’d rattle off a quick weekend favourites post. Enjoy!

1.My newly fixed laptop

Finally, FINALLY, I have my laptop back. It pretty much stopped working properly in May, so around 4 months ago now, right in the middle of my Finals revision, which was just fantastic… I sent it off to get fixed around mid-August, so I haven’t even had a laptop for about 6 weeks. To have it back, and actually working, at a normal, is brilliant. When I first got it back, I genuinely thought I’d been given back the wrong laptop, because it seemed so big and heavy! I think that’s just because I was so used to using Matt’s Macbook Air, but it took a while for me to get used to again. I’d forgotten how much I like having a laptop, as I’ve been using my iPad in the meantime, but I’m so enjoying using my laptop again, especially for blog posts as I just can’t get on with the WordPress app!

2. Sephora Full Action mascara

I actually got this in an eye brush set from Sephora when I was in the US. It was a smoky eye kit, which I guess explains the mascara. At first, I was quite underwhelmed by this mascara. Despite being called ‘Full Action’, I really didn’t think that it made my lashes very full or dramatic, which you might expect from the name. However, since I’ve been working I’ve been really enjoying this as a work-appropriate, no make-up make-up sort of mascara. It makes an obvious difference, but it doesn’t make my lashes too over the top, which can look out of place with an otherwise pretty neutral, basic make up look. I’ve been using this every day, which proves how much I’ve been loving it!


3. Bird – Billie Marten

I heard this on the radio yesterday and was totally blown away. It’s such a sweet, soulful song with deeper undertones. Billie has a truly amazing voice, and she’s only 16. This is a slow song full of emotion, it really reminds me of Gabrielle Aplin and the kind of music she makes. Definitely worth a listen! (This song and Billie’s new EP are on Apple Music)

4. The Big Bang Theory

I’ve always been a massive fan of BBT, I’ve got all but the last season on DVD and I watch all the reruns on E4 that I’ve seen 10 times before. I’m super excited that there’s a new season airing in the US, which I’ll be catching up on as soon as possible. Honestly, for me this is second best only to Friends, and that’s saying something.


5. The weekend

Getting a full time job has made me value the weekend more than I have ever done (well, since school anyway). I have of course spent most of the weekend asleep, because this week has completely worn me out, but it’s such a great feeling when you know you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, drive for over an hour in terrible traffic, and sit at a desk inside all day. Yup, weekends rock.

Once again, I’ll try to get an extra post or two in this week but I can’t promise anything! Apart from work I’m now doing very little else, so I’m a bit stuck for post inspiration right now. Here’s to a more blog-based week!


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