My Go-To Moisturiser

A quick post this evening about my absolute favourite moisturiser right now. For a while, I used Clinique Moisture Surge like there was a limited supply. However, I soon realised that it was almost too moisturising for my skin. Although I see myself as having fairly dry skin, it probably is more on the combination side, especially around my nose where I can get quite oily. A moisturiser designed for very dry skin like the Moisture Surge wasn’t helping, and really encouraged the oiliness in my skin. As a result, I looked for something which wouldn’t make my skin more oily, but just moisturise my skin whilst retaining the balance which my skin seems to retain naturally.

I ended up picking the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30 in Duty Free this summer. It really is what I was looking for. For a start, it’s much more of a lotion than a gel. The Clinique Moisture Surge is very gel-like, whilst this feels much more like a traditional moisturiser. As a consequence, I think this sinks into the skin really quickly, and putting this on before applying a light base makes for a great combination. Foundation goes on really smoothly and evenly over the top, and can pretty much be applied straight away, as this formula is so quick drying.


The fact that this has SPF30 is great, especially because many bases don’t have any sun protection. Kiehl’s also do a version of this which doesn’t have SPF, and also in different sizes. This was perfect for travelling, and so far I’ve been using this almost every day and I’ve barely used any up. As it’s quite a light lotion, a little goes a long way. Skin feels super soft almost immediately, and if I don’t put make up on over the top, I can still feel the effects of this on my skin in the afternoon when I’ve applied first thing.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic moisturiser. I wouldn’t say that I’ll stop searching now, but for the foreseeable future I can’t see myself using anything else. It’s really that good!



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