Five Favourites: 15th November 2015

I’ve had quite the eventful weekend, which I’ll be doing a post on soon, so I’ve not had the chance to jot this down until 4.30pm on a Sunday! I also had Friday off, which was my first day off so far and was pretty awesome. I’m really getting into Christmassy stuff as well, which I know is pretty early for most, but I love getting excited about it all. The earlier I get excited, the longer everything lasts, because I never want Christmas to be over! Anyway, read on to find out what my favourite things have been this past week, and don’t be scared if you find the odd Christmas mention from now on!

1. Muller Corners

These are SO OLD! I’ve had these for as long as I remember, and we’ve recently started buying them again. I also remember that there was always one flavour which was least popular with everyone in my house, and it’s still that same flavour now! My favourite is this Strawberry Shortcake, which is strawberry yogurt with white chocolate covered mini bits of biscuit. Nom!


2. Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham

I’d put off getting this book for ages. I don’t know why, because it was always popular and liked by most, but I finally ordered it from Amazon along with some things I was getting anyway. There are some things in this which are quite odd, and Dunham’s upbringing and really most of her life is miles away from anything I’ve experienced, but she really is an excellent writer. This book is so easy to read, and there are Dunham’s words of wisdom dotted around here and there, which really add some clarity and structure to what is otherwise a ramble through her life, as directed by her wandering thoughts, chopping and changing from college to childhood and back again. Definitely worth a try.


3. Lorac Pro palette

I got this ages ago when I was in America, and for some reason I just never got in to using it until now (I do have lots of other palettes!). I’ve really been enjoying using it, there’s so many neutral looks you can create which are still individual and unique, and all of the colours are completely wearable, which is unusual. Fantastic quality too. I might do a review post on this sometime, I think it’s something I’d enjoy writing!


4. Camembert

Okay, so this is always a favourite. I really do love camembert, it’s been a favourite of mine for a long time. Over the weekend when we were eating out, we got a mini camembert to share which was just gorgeous, I especially love it with fresh and warm crusty bread…

5. Politics

This is a bit of a random favourite, but I’ve been really interesting in following politics this week. It’s really inspired me to write some more political posts, like the one I published in the week. I’ve got another one planned focussing on the American presidential race which will be voted on next year, which I think is really interesting and exciting. It’s nice to do a bit of research for things again, in a weird way I kind of miss writing essays at university!

I know my favourites are always random, but these ones seem particularly odd! I hope you enjoyed reading them anyway, have a great week!


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