Five Favourites: 29th November 2015

Eeeeeeee it’s nearly December!! Even though I’ve been listening to Christmas songs for a week or two now, it’s going to be great to finally get into the festive season properly, with advent calendars, present-buying, and of course putting the Christmas decorations up. I can’t wait! Here are my favourites for the last full week of November, I’m off to daydream about my first pay day tomorrow… (!!)

1. Day off!

I was lucky enough to be allowed a day off on Friday (unpaid, of course), which meant a whole lot of enjoying a longer weekend. A much-needed lie in followed by a walk around Bourton on the Water (another pretty little Cotswolds town), plus a some scones and tea in the afternoon made for a very enjoyable day away from the office.

2. Sunrises

Having to leave the house by 7.30am every day for work has been hell, to be quite honest with you, especially for someone who hasn’t had to get up before 9am for the last 3 years. The one positive side I’ve found is catching the sunrise, most of which have been mazing this week. The frosty, cold mornings, combined with the time I’m leaving, mean that I’ve had fantastic colours and a happy outlook on most of my journeys this week.


3. Sephora wishlist-ing

Okay, not a technical term, but you get the idea. As I mentioned above, I’m finally getting paid for my first month and bit of work, so to celebrate I’m planning on doing a bit of a Sephora order! You have to spend £75, but you then get UK shipping for £6 and no extra import charges or anything nasty like that when it turns up at your door. Not a bad deal for a lot of stuff you can’t even get in the UK! I keep taking things out of my basket, adding things I don’t really need, catching sight of the price of everything and basically emptying it again :’) Still, I can’t wait!

4. Candles

I’ve never massively been interested in candles, despite every blogger and Youtube being obsessed with them. They’ve always seemed kind of expensive for what they are, which is something that you are literally setting on fire. Recently, however, I’ve started to come round to the idea. I bought my first little Yankee Candle votive the other day, in Candy Cane Lane (yum!), and I’m loving just burning it for an hour or so each evening. I’m now seriously looking forward to opening my Yankee Candle advent calendar every day from Tuesday!

5. Cream tea

We had tea and scones in Bourton on Friday and it just reminded how much I love scones. With strawberry jam and clotted cream. And how well tea goes with scones. And how great it is to have a little meal between lunch and dinner. Yep.


Thanks for checking out this weeks favourites! I literally can’t wait for it to be December and for all the festive Christmassy-ness to kick in, so look out for some Christmas related posts coming your way soon!


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