Five Favourites: 31st October 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! I honestly haven’t been very interested in Halloween this year, especially as for the first time probably ever I’m not actually doing anything for Halloween. The past 6 or 7 years have been spent dressing up and going out, or going to parties. Before that, my group of friends at school and I would celebrate, and of course before that I used to go out trick or treating when I was at primary school. This year, there’s not a lot going on, and honestly I’m so tired from work that I sleep a LOT at the weekend :’) Sad but true. So there aren’t many Halloween-related things I’d consider as favourites, although one has snuck in there, as it’s also YouTube related! I’m not too sad about missing out on all the Halloween hype, as tomorrow is the 1st of November, which really signals the beginning of winter and of course the run up to Christmas!

1. New Look jumpers

About this time of year, every year, I go a bit jumper mad. A lot of shops suddenly have loads of cute jumpers and sweaters in, and it’s cold enough to be thinking about wrapping up warm. New Look always do a great selection, and I found this gorgeous mustard yellow one for only £7.99! It’s super soft, baggy, and comfortable, and has little slits at either side at the bottom which I think makes it a bit different. Such a bargain, and also available in beige and black.


2. Halloween make-up YouTube tutorials

One thing I really love about watching make up tutorials is who much it can change someone’s face, whether that be concealing, contouring, or a bright lip. Halloween tutorials take this to a new level, with everything from more out-there make up looks to full-on face painting, and some of them are just fantastic. They really show how talented and artistic so many YouTubers are, and it’s really something to watch. I’m especially loving the tutorials by Brianna Fox and Pixiwoo.

3. Marks and Spencers

I know, I know, traditionalltargeted at slightly older people. But their homeware, especially the Christmas-themed stuff, is gorgeous, as is their bedding (although that is slightly on the pricey side). I’m also a fan of M&S for work clothes, especially black trousers and skirts. A huuuuge store has just opened not too far from me, and it’s actually amazing! Plus the Food Hall is the size of an actual supermarket. Need I say more?!

4. Sunsets

An upside to the dark early nights is that every drive hom from work is made that tiny bit better by a gorgeous sunset. Okay, so not every drive, but we have been having some gorgeous pink sunsets lately. They really cheer me up on what is a pretty long journey, and make me feel a bit better about the longer nights 🙂


5. DKNY Be Delicious EDP

This is in no way a new perfume, but they’ve just released a new version of this (Be Desirous) and samples of both are in magazines everywhere right now. It’s just reminded me of how much I lvoe the scent and how much I ened to get my hands on a full sized bottle of the stuff! Putting that on the Christmas list I think…


NB I just realised I never published this post… Oops. So I’m a bit late for Happy Halloween, but Happy November and have a good week!


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