Five Favourites: 7th November 2015

It’s that time of week again where I go through five things which I’ve been loving this week. This week has actually flown by, it’s gone super quick for me, but that’s not a bad thing as it means the weekend comes around sooner! I’m off to a bonfire and fireworks on Sunday night (I didn’t get up to much on the proper Bonfire Night), which I’m really looking forward to – there’s free food – and hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures too. I’m actually doing a bit more generally over the next few weeks, so you might get a few more lifestyle/activity posts coming your way!

1. My little black boots

I absolutely love my pair of black boots. I bought them from Next for about £40 a year or two ago, and they’ve had so much wear. They’ve got a substantial heel, and yet they’re insanely comfy. I struggle with heels a lot, because however comfy the shoes are meant to be, they still seem to rub my feet. These are the exception, and I’ve worn them so much to work lately that I’m wearing them out, which makes me really sad 🙁 Definitely time to hunt for some new ones (once I get paid that is!).

2. Giant bars of Dairy Milk on sale in Tesco for £1.75

This is self-explanatory. Enough said 🙂


3. Gold jewellery

A couple of years ago, I was all about silver jewellery, but I’ve come to realise that gold jewellery suits my skin tone so much better. I’ve picked up a ton of gold necklaces especially over the past few months, and this weekend I got these pretty little picks from Accessorize. The earrings were only £5, the necklace was £6, AND they had 30% of jewellery. Great value, and I wore them last night and they look really good. Thumbs up from me, for these and for most gold jewellery generally!


4. Hot chocolate

I’ve been obsessed with hot chocolate this last week, I’ve been drinking way too much of it! I got this Cadburys instant hot chocolate (I’m one of those weird people who prefer hot chocolate with water rather than with milk) last weekend and I’ve had at least 2 mugs a day since, which is so bad for me. But, I love it, and it’s the perfect warming, comforting drink as the nights are getting darker and colder.


(NB I’ve just realise there are probably one or two too many Cadburys products in this favourites post!)

5. Apple and Blackberry Martini

I always struggle to find nice cocktails which I like, as I’m not a big fan of a lot of spirits. One that I do like is vodka, but I really don’t like bitter cocktails, which rules out a lot of offerings. However, this weekend we went out for drinks to a place called Como Lounge in the nearest town to me, and they do fantastic cocktails. I went for the apple and blackberry martini, which is blackberry puree, vodka, and apple juice (and maybe something else I can’t remember…), which was amazing! The fruits give it a bit of sourness, but nothing overwhelming, and it was just a glass of generally fruity goodness 🙂


Quite a food/drink heavy favourites this week! But there’s nothing wrong with that 🙂 Hope you’ve all had fantastic weekends, and enjoy the coming week!




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