Five Favourites: 12th December 2015

I’ve had such a Christmassy few days! It’s finally getting close enough that I can start getting excited, and I’m able to admit that I am, indeed, listening to Christmas songs in the car, in my room, and on Spotify while I’m working.. :’) Roll on this week’s favourites!

1. Christmas trees

In the last week I’ve put up 3 proper Christmas trees, decorated 2 of those, and done my own little Christmas tree in my room. It’s been a decorating kind of week. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but I do love once a year getting the festive season into gear and going a bit crazy with the decs. Whilst listening to Christmas songs of course!


2. Bitsa Wispa

I’m not a huge fan of Wispa bars, I think they’re a bit meh, but the little bites that come in these “sharing” bags are sooooo good! They’re insanely moreish, I have been known more than once to sit down and eat a whole bag to myself, but they’re lighter than most chocolate. Of course, they are Dairy Milk chocolate, so they’ve got to be good!

NB – I swear I feature some kind of chocolate or Dairy Milk-related product in pretty much every favourites?! My apologies, but chocolate is probably one of favourites of life… :’)


3. MAC Teddy eyeliner

I know that I’ve only just done a post mentioning this little product, but I honestly have been wearing it pretty much every day this week. In fact, I’m wearing it now as I type this :’) It’s the perfect slightly red-toned brown with the tiniest hint of shimmer, with a creamy enough formula that it doesn’t tug, but it isn’t too creamy that it runs on the waterline. Honestly, eyeliner perfection. But then for £14 each you’d kind of expect that…!


4. Playstation

Okay, so it’s not like I have a Playstation 4 and all the latest games, but I’ve really been enjoying the most of my Playstation 3 lately. I’ve had it for years and years, and used it a lot when I first got it, but since then I’ve used it less and less. I’ve just got a new (old) TV that Matt didn’t want, with a much bigger screen than before, so I’ve really been enjoying watching film and DVDs on there, which I need to use my PS3 for (no DVD drive). What I never really knew, or could never work out how to do, is that you can also get apps like Spotify and Netflix on PS3, and you can stream programmes through apps like BBC iPlayer. Consequently, I’ve been using this a lot more, and it makes it super easy having pretty much everything in one place!

5. Jewellery

This is definitely more of a general favourite. I seem to go through phases of buying different things. A couple of years ago it was clothes, then this year it’s been make-up, and now I think I’m moving towards jewellery more. Every time I go shopping, I can’t resist popping into Accessorize. I’ve always been rubbish at remembering to wear jewellery, so I just need to make sure I keep wearing it all now!


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