Five Favourites: 19th December 2015

Christmas is so so so close now! I can’t believe that when I’m next doing my weekly favourites it will be after Christmas! Despite not being able to get into the Christmas spirit quite as much this year, I have of course enjoyed doing anything Christmas related, so here’s a rather festive themed favourites for you!

1. Christmas Jumpers 🙂

Yesterday we had Christmas Jumper Day at work, which was for charity. I wore this jumper from last year covered in christmas puddings (cuuuute!), and there were some interesting choices around the office too…!


2. Presents

I don’t know what it is about presents, I just get so super excited about them! I love buying them, wrapping them, giving them, and of course receiving them. But I do always think that so much of the happiness and excitement around Christmas is the run up to it. I love thinking about what to get people, and seeing that they like something I’ve picked out for them. I don’t even mind the actual wrapping up, as long as I’ve got some Christmas songs on and maybe and cup of tea and some biscuits to keep me going.


3. Ear jackets

I’m going out on a whim here because I’m not entirely sure that this is the name for what I mean, but I’m talking about the earrings which have an extra back to them which goes just beneath the ear. I think these look insanely cool, and after picking up and wearing a couple of these from New Look, I’m officially hooked! They take a bit of getting used to, as for a stud-wearer like me they’re quite heavy, but they just look so cool and really add a bit extra to an overall look.

4. Spaas Golden Vanilla Jar Candle

This is cheating a bit as I only got this today, but it’s sooooo dreamy. I’d like to get some more candles which are bit bigger, as right now I’m mostly using the tea lights from my Yankee Candle advent calendar. I saw this reduced to £4 in B&Q today and couldn’t resist, as it smells amazing. I find vanilla can often be a very strong scent, but this is a perfect sweet-yet-neutral vanilla which isn’t overpowering. I’ve already burned it all afternoon, and it’s hardly melted at all, so it looks to be pretty long lasting as well.

5. Aaaaaaaallllllll the Christmas food

From this weekend forward, it’s all Christmas (even though I have to work Monday and Tuesday..). Which means all sorts of Christmas foods which just don’t get eaten any other time of year. There’s big boxes of chocolates everywhere, plus shortbread and fancy chocolate biscuit tins. There’s cream crackers, which suddenly become okay to have for a whole meal – not that I mind, because I eat them with tons of cheese – and all sorts of cakes and pies that only seem to appear this time of year, like mince pies, Christmas cake, and weirdly in our house, malt loaf. Basically, it’s a-ok to go ahead and eat whatever you want, because it’s the Christmas holidays. And I’m totally good with that!


I’m hoping to get another post up before Christmas, but I hope you all have an excellent run up to Christmas, and remember, enjoy yourselves!


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