Five Favourites: 5th December 2015

So it’s finally December! Things are starting to get Christmassy around here. I’ve got my advent calendars, both Dairy Milk and my Yankee Candle one. On Friday I helped put the decorations up at work, so there was tinsel EVERYWHERE. Christmas songs are on my playlist pretty much non-stop. Even the TV guides are starting to feature what’s on over the Christmas period. I’ve managed to get almost all my Christmas shopping done today, and the tree’s going up tomorrow. Despite all of this, not many of my favourites are going to be Christmas-related! But here they are anyways 🙂

1. Cleansing

Okay, so for a beauty blogger, this might be a bit of an odd one, but I’ve never really had a proper skincare routine. I enjoy putting make up on, so it’s not a chore, but skincare does seem like a lot of bother for an essentially lazy person like myself. Of course, I’ve always removed my make up in the evening, and I’ve moisturised on and off for years, but recently I’ve been trying to be a bit more routine about it. I’ve been showering in the evenings recently as well, so I’remade the most of the opportunity to have a proper cleanse of my face after removing make up (I find it much less of a hassle to use a rinse-off cleanser in the shower). I’ve been using up a Clarins foaming cleanser which I’ve had in my cupboard for ages, but I am on the lookout for a new one, so any suggestions are welcome! (NB – would have to be for sensitive skin)

2. Christmas card list

This year, I’m finally starting a proper Christmas card list. At school and uni, you might send them to your close friends, and obviously family, but it’s not really something to think about too much. So this is really the first year that I’m thinking about sending cards out properly, to extended family, old school friends, uni friends. Both my mum and my nan have huge great long lists of people they send cards to every year, people who they just know from around the village, and people who they haven’t even spoken to all year. Having one of these lists myself is genuinely making me feel a bit more like a real adult :’)

3. How I Met Your Mother

I’ve been a fan of this show for quite a long time, Matt and I have watched it on E4 for years. The box set was recently really cheap on Amazon, and Matt decided to get it. We decided to start watching them from the beginning, and honestly I’m surprised by how many I’ve seen! I thought there would be loads that I hadn’t seen, but I haven’t come across one yet. A bargain buy, which just reminds me how much I love the show!


4. Zara scarf

I picked up this huuuuuge scarf from Zara one or two winters ago, and it’s been a massive favourite of mine ever since. It’s all shades of brown and orange and yellow, so the perfect autumn palette, and it basically goes with anything and everything. Essential for me as the weather gets colder, and it’s so big it can also double up as a blanket when unfolded, if need be!


5. Tins of chocolates

Quality Street, Heroes, Celebrations, whatever, tins of chocolates are the absolute bomb. They’re all reduced at the moment so I’ve been finding them everywhere. People keep bringing them into work and handing them around. My grandparents already have some in preparation for Christmas. ALL THE CHOCOLATE. Disastrous. Bad for my waistline but unfortunately apart from that this all makes me very happy and stuff :’)

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s favourites!


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