MAC Cosmetics Essentials (No 1)

I’ve been a huge fan of MAC ever since I bought my first eyeshadow from the Brighton store (it was an individual shadow in the shade Soba). Unfortunately, I find that almost everything they sell is a tad on the expensive side. A MAC purchase can’t really be that spontaneous, it has to be a bit more thought out than your average Boots haul. That’s my other problem – I can go in and pick up 2 items in MAC, and the total will come to more than £50. Despite not really being high end, MAC products are expensive, not necessarily for the quality you get, but simply the types of products that they sell.

Despite this, I am of course addicted to buying MAC make up. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to get some of the essentials from MAC, rather than keep buying eyeshadows, which I have hundreds of (NB – not MAC eyeshadows, just eyeshadows in general). One classic that I do still want to pick up is the Skinfinish Natural powder, but unfortunately that was a bit out of my budget this time!


The two products I did pick up were the Fix+ spray and a kohl eyeliner. The Fix+ spray is something I’ve had my eye on for ages. So many people use it in YouTube videos for their eyeshadow, which always looks amazing, and as a primer or finishing spray. I was also looking at the Extra Dimension eyeshadows in store, and one of the assistants asked if I wanted some put on to try. She did go a little crazy with it, and it wasn’t my colour at all, but you could see and feel the effect of using the Fix+ spray with the eyeshadow. So I picked some up, and it’s definitely worth the hype. It really is fantastic with eyeshadows, and is a lovely cooling base before primer. I’ve been too scared to use it as a finishing spray so far, I’m afraid I’ll spray it too close to my face and ruin my make up! At about £15 a bottle, it’s not cheap, so I’ll probably restrict my usage of it to applying eyeshadow, but it’s definitely worth a try.


I picked out a basic kohl eyeliner in the shade Teddy, which always seems to be mentioned when MAC eyeliners are the topic of conversation. It’s a dark brown shade, but with a hint of redness and a hint of shimmer. Especially now I’m at work, I pretty much tend to only wear browns on my waterline, as I find black too harsh a look for my eyes. So this was an obvious choice for me, and the eyeliner is fantastic. It is a wooden pencil, which put me off at first, but it’s really creamy and glides on the waterline without tugging at the sensitive skin around the eye. It also looks great worn sparingly during the day, or applied more liberally with a brown-toned smoky eye for more of an evening look. A winner in my book, although for the price not something I’d necessarily repurchase as soon as I ran out, especially when there are so many great eyeliners at the drugstore.


I do think it’s worth spending that bit more on the basics, but to be honest I think I love trying out new products more. Both of these are fantastic products, but nothing unique that can’t be found within other brands. However, I do love MAC make up, so I’ll definitely be heading back next time I’ve got a bit of money to spend – i.e. not any time in the near future! – to pick up some more of their must-try products.


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