Oxford in Lights

This is yet another belated post. I seem to be good at these, I just don’t ever seem to have the time when something has just happened! This time I’m harking back to a couple of weeks ago, when Matt and I popped into Oxford for the day. It was the day after they had switched the Christmas lights on, so everything was sparkly and Christmassy, and they even had a mini Christmas market set up for the weekend.


I mainly wanted to go into Oxford to meet up with my friend Jack. He’s currently working in Nigeria (!) but was back for a week in the UK, and I hadn’t seen him since graduation. After a slow start (obviously, I could sleep for days), we got into town and met up with Jack in Starbucks, where he basically lives as he’s such a coffee fiend. We stayed in there for probably about 2 hours, and it was amazing to hear about Nigeria and Jack’s job at an online media company.


Unfortunately, he had to get a train back home, so we said our goodbyes. Matt and I then went to lunch, at a place called Thaikhun. I absolutely love this place, and clearly other people do too as on a Saturday lunchtime it was packed. We got a table after not too long a wait, and our food came really quickly. We had the chicken spring rolls to start, which were insanely good, and then I had the BBQ pork noodle broth, which I’ve had before and is just amazing. So so worth a visit, I might actually get round to trying something new next time!


We then started our shopping, which was a bit slower than usual as I was trying too many things on (oops). I picked up some leggings from Zara and a couple of things from MAC, and we got quite a few Christmas presents for other people too.

We then headed to see the lights and the Christmas market. There was a huge tree down Broad Street, and the lights up everywhere looked so festive and pretty. One advantage of it getting darker earlier has to be all of the lights coming on at about 4pm! They had quite a few stalls, mostly food though which was a shame as we’d already eaten. Matt tried some hot sauce which was meant to be ridiculously hot, and promptly started sneezing, and they also had crepes, mulled wine, a sweet shop, and lots of people selling handmade products. It was really cute, perfect for a little stroll around.



A short but sweet post for you there, and a day thoroughly enjoyed. I often forget how much I enjoy a day out, especially living in the countryside and having been to most places at some point in the last few years. Even if it’s just somewhere nearby, it’s always worth having a walk around, a bite to eat, and a bit of a browse, especially with someone you love spending time with 🙂


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