Five Favourites: 24th January 2016

Welcome back to my first favourites of 2016! Seeing as I haven’t done a favourites post for over a month, the things mentioned here won’t necessarily be things I’ve been loving just in the past week, but also since Christmas and into the New Year. Enjoy!

1. Perfumes

I am obsessed with perfume at the moment! Since Christmas, I’ve picked up three new fragrances, all of which I’ve been loving for different reasons. I’ve asked for one fragrance for my birthday, which is at the beginning of February, and then I’ve told myself that that’s absolutely it, no more buying perfumes. (Let’s see how long that lasts…)

2. Hello October

I’m constantly watching Youtube videos, I just really enjoy switching off and watching people talk about my favourite things. So many Youtubers are really innovative with their videos, but I actually think you just end up watching the people you like best, whatever their videos are like or what they’re talking about. One of those people for me is Suzie from Hello October. I don’t necessarily think that her videos are really groundbreaking or different, but I just really enjoy watching them! Go check her out if you haven’t already. (NB She also has a super cute dog!)


3. Planning holidays

After being skiing, I really had the holiday bug, which is how we ended up booking to go to Barcelona later in the year. We’re also having a weekend in Brighton for my birthday. I’ve been loving planning what we’re going to do on these trips, most prominently what we’re going to be eating! Both are such great places – in different ways – for exploring and eating out, I haven’t been able to resist having a nosy at all the amazing places we can go and things we can do!

4. Fitbit

I (unexpectedly) received a Fitbit for Christmas from my American grandparents, who are obsessed with them. Unfortunately, it hasn’t done much for me trying to get more steps as yet, but I have been enjoying using the app. As well as steps, it tracks your sleep, which is always interesting, and the amount of minutes per day that you were active (although I haven’t quite worked out how this works!). It’s also great for adding in what you eat and drink during a day, which always prompts me to think ab= bit more about what I’m eating, and also how much water I’m drinking. And that can only be a good thing, especially after all of the overeating that went down over Christmas…


5. T2 Tea

I was a bit late in liking to drink tea,but sine then I’ve definitely made up for it. At Westfield in London, they have a shop called T2, which exclusively sells tea and tea-making accessories. It’s amazing, and they even had little samples of tea out to try. We ended up getting a little tea set which included a strainer, as most of their tea is loose leaf, plus two types of tea. Both are just perfect, and there’s something so special and calming about brewing your own tea from scratch. Definitely check the store out if you’re there, or have a browse of the website here.

Hopefully a bit more of a diverse favourites for you there. Doing it every week, I often find that the things I’ve been enjoying most simply don’t change that quickly! A good example of that would be the instant hot chocolate I’ve been loving to drink at work for the past three months or so… Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!


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