Five Favourites: 31st January 2016

I can’t quite believe it’s February tomorrow! Which means it will be my birthday really soon! Exciting 🙂 But seriously, January has gone scarily quickly. I find lots of people put extra pressure on themselves throughout the month, whether that be to make it a success, to stick to their resolutions, to diet and do lots of exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not against setting goals and being healthy, but for me personally I find this kind of behaviour just puts more pressure on me. And in a month where it’s cold, rainy, and everyone’s skint, plus I’m used to eating an extraordinary daily amount of food – a leftover habit from Christmas – everything seems just that bit more difficult. So this week’s favourites are basically a list of all the things that have been cheering me up recently! Enjoy..

1. Bellarom White Chocolate Strawberry Crisp

This is basically two of my favourite ever sweet things combined. And you can get it from Lidl. For about £1. Nom.

2. Maybelline Super Stay nail polishes

I tried one of these last week for the first time and I was an instant fan. Although the colour selection isn’t great, the formula of these is fantastic. They are super quick-drying, which I love because I always manage to ruin my nails soon after I’ve painted them. They’re reasonably thick, with the shade I used last week needing only one coat. Plus, they really do last a long time – with only one coat, Golden Brown stayed on my nails for a full week. There was some wear around the end of the nail, but not a single chip. Not a one. I’ve just applied Rose Poudré, which needed 2 coats, so I’m hoping that will last even longer.


3. Take Me Out (TV show)

I’m sure this has featured in a favourites before, but I love this show! It’s so silly, and the people on it are just hilarious (for varyingly different reasons…), it’s just easy-watching TV for a bit of a laugh. An instant pick-me-up, plus I just found out that a friend of a friend is going to be on it next week!

4. Baking

I had the random urge to do some baking this weekend, mainly brought on by having nothing else to do, but still. Matt and I made these flapjacks and cookies yesterday, both of which are pretty tasty (if I do say so myself). I really enjoyed it, and of course the finish product, and it’s made me want to start cooking a bit again. Unfortunately, it’s also really bad for my waistline…

5. Skincare

I’d be the first person to confess that I’ve never really been that interested in skincare. I know how important it can be, but it was always so expensive and seemed like a lot of effort! Recently I’ve been trying to get better with it, which involved a teeny tiny Boots skincare haul – okay, maybe it was a *bit* bigger than that – and I’ve been doing alright so far. I am just kind of lazy, so no matter how much I enjoy keeping up a routine and taking care of my skin, I still end up forgetting from time to time.

So, tomorrow is February. Pinch punch to you all in advance, and I’ll see you in the week with a couple of hauls and (hopefully) my piece on holidaying in Bled!



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