Five Favourites: 15th February 2016

Since it was my birthday last weekend, as you might imagine I’ve had quite a few favourites this week! Mostly birthday presents of course. I had a fantastic weekend away in Brighton, and I’ve spent this past weekend with visiting family, which was great fun. Here’s my favourites for the past week or two, and a Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you all!

1. Brighton

I absolutely love Brighton. I’ve now been 3 times since last year, and despite never going when the weather’s been that great, I’ve loved it every time. The hotels are fantastic, the shops are the best around, and who doesn’t love a beach?!


2. Radiance Primers

Expect to hear a lot about these from me in the near future! They’re absolutely my favourite new thing, along with a rediscovered love for highlighters. Sensing a glowy theme here, are we??! Anyway, this all started with a Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow sample, expanded via Soap & Glory and MAC, and currently stands with Becca Backlight Priming Filter being at the top of my make-up wishlist. They tend to be hydrating, which helps with my skin getting dry patches throughout the day, and they just add an amazing glow underneath foundation. Highly recommended!

3. The Guilty Feminist

This is an awesome podcast. It’s pretty new (I think) and involves the two hosts talking and telling stories to an audience, and they usually have a special guest who has something to share related to the theme of that particular podcast. It’s available on iTunes and I’d massively recommend giving it a listen – it covers the trials of reconciling being a feminist with having natural thoughts and emotions which aren’t necessarily compatible. Worth a listen for both the overall message and the hilarious comedy.


4. Nars

Nars is totally having a moment right now. Of course, it’s always been a fantastic brand, but they’ve released a few new products recently which have really grabbed my attention. In the past, the only Nars products I’ve tried have been the Radiant Creamy concealer (massive fan), and two eyeshadow palettes (for the price point, really not impressed). So I’ve generally been wary about trying new Nars products especially when they’re so expensive. However, I couldn’t resist picking up the new Matte Skin Tint and the Audacious mascara. Both have really improved my opinion of what can be a fantastic brand.


5. Fudge

I kind of have to include a food favourite in here, mainly because my life *sort of* revolves around food (sad but true). When I go to Brighton, I always make sure to visit the same sweet shop, which I think is called Sweet Williams, which does hands down the best fudge I have ever eaten. My two favourite flavours are White Choc Chunk (it has actual white chocolate pieces on top) and Mint Chocolate, although all of them are amazing. Somewhere to check out if you live nearby or are ever visiting! I only wish I’d bought more as back up!

Thanks for checking back in for another favourites! I’m off to Bath tomorrow on my day off post and pictures to come of course.



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