Five Favourites: 28th February 2016

I’m sat writing this on a lovely Sunday afternoon, sun shining in and curled up on the sofa, safe from the misleading cold of outside. The only downside is that I’m having to watch the football at the same time. Oh well! Keep reading to find out what I’ve been loving over the past week or two.

1. Pretty Honest – Sali Hughes

My grandparents kindly got this for me for my birthday earlier this month, and I’ve been reading it bit by bit ever since. As it’s all factual/advisory, it’s not really a book to sit down and get into, but it is so useful and interesting. As a self-confessed beauty addict, this has fast become one of my favourite non-fiction books, and I’m not even finished with it yet!


2. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this in a favourites before, although it’s quite likely because I am in love with this! I contour using the bronze shade, even if it is a bit shimmery, as this doesn’t show up on the face at all. And the highlighter is just perfect, it looks almost glittery but on the skin gives that elusive lit-from-within glow without any of the sparkle. An absolute winner.

3. Hair oils

This is a bit of a random one. I’ll admit that usually when I’ve washed my hair, I just give it a blast with a hairdryer, put it up in a bun, and leave it. Recently, I’ve been trying to straighten it out when I’m blow drying, and then actually give it a brush before I put it up, and this has made the ends of my hair really dry and insanely frizzy. I’ve been using some different oils, some dry oil sprays and others more nourishing, and it’s really helped the ends of my hair. Highly recommended for people like me with quite coarse, frizzy hair to just calm it down a bit.

4. Haribo Tangfastics

Ok, so these are always a favourite of mine, but I have eaten a whole bag of them in the last few days… Oops. I know they’re horrifically bad for you and I know they’re coated in sugar, but they’re soooo addictive – probably because of all the sugar, obvs.

5. Oxford

It’s funny calling this a favourite, because I lived in Oxford on and off for 3 years during my degree. But going back there just for the afternoon made me appreciate it in a different way. I’ve only been back a few times since last June, and each time I’ve found myself happily wandering around, remembering old events and memories but also enjoying just visiting. It’s so different when you’re having to walk all the way into the centre just to get some essentials, or to walk halfway across the city just to go to a one hour lecture, to when you can have a relaxed afternoon shopping, taking your time, and have enough time left to sit and read in a cafe with no deadlines hanging over your head. I’m not making uni sound great am I?! But it’s just the idea of being in the same place, but a different situation in life, which makes all the difference.


Another week, another favourites. I hope you all have a great week ahead of you, I’ll be looking forward to next weekend I think! Adios!


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