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Korres is a brand which I’ve never tried before, and also one which I don’t hear an awful lot about online. That being said, when I saw that Feelunique had 20% I knew that it was a brand I wanted to explore. The shower gels especially are more than I would usually pay, even with the discount, but I’m in to bodycare at the moment and thought this was the best time to give them a try. Carry on reading to check out what I picked up and my thoughts on the brand!


Japanese Rose Shower Gel

I will pre-warn you guys here, the majority of this haul is shower gels! As the only thing from Korres which I’d heard people talk about, I knew I had to try out some of their shower gels. Quite a few were out of stock, so this probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it is lovely. It has a sweet rose scent, which is faint and definitely not overpowering. It has a normal consistency for shower gel, although it is more on the moisturising side and definitely not drying. Honestly, although this was lovely it wasn’t worth the money, and for that reason I wouldn’t repurchase. If you are a big Korres fan or tend to spend this much on shower gel, then this is highly recommended.

Vanilla Cinnamon Shower Gel

I picked this up in the larger size, as I did with the Japanese Rose scent, and I’m so glad I did. The scent is just amazing. It has such a warm scent, almost verging on Christmassy but more wintery. You get the vanilla scent first, then the cinnamon as the gel lathers up. The scent is much stronger than the Japanese Rose, it makes your whole shower smell fantastic and you can still smell it on your skin once you’ve got dry. This one has a thicker consistency, and is definitely more moisturising. I’m guessing these two have similar formulas so I find it weird that they’re so different, I’m just glad I happened to pick up this scent!

Santorini Vine Shower Gel

I only got the mini version of this, to take away on holiday in April. It has quite a fig-like scent, but quite sharp. It does smell fantastic, although you do get a whiff of that plant-like earthy scent which I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of. As I’m saving this to take away, I can’t really comment on the consistency, but this is one of the more talked about scents online. Definitely one worth a try.

Pomegranate Moisturising Cream-Gel

Something a bit different now to finish off this haul. I’ve been wanting to try out some different moisturisers as an alternative to my much-loved Kiehl’s Moisturising Lotion. This caught my eye, sadly, because it was pink. That is the one and only reason. Oops. The packaging is gorgeous, and feels good quality, and I was also pleasantly surprised at how much you get. It is 40ml, but I think I’m so used to skincare coming in tiny amounts that the size of this shocked me! It feels very fluffy and soft, with an almost whipped consistency. It does feel like a true mix between and gel and a cream too. It sinks in super quickly, and although it doesn’t make the skin feel that soft instantly, it definitely does over time. The scent is quite citrusy, it is really lovely and not too strong, with the scent not lingering on the face after application. It’s fantastic to put on in a thick layer at night, and also more sparingly under make-up. Highly recommend trying this, unless your skin is really dry or really oily, I think this would work with most skin types.

That’s it for my Korres haul, I hope this inspired you to give some of their products a go. I’m really glad I tried these out and I’ll definitely be looking into different shower gel scents and more products from their skincare range. Happy shopping!


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