Westfield Haul

It was my birthday this weekend so I’ve been trying really hard to not buy anything in the aftermath. This is extremely difficult for me though, so I thought I’d do this haul midweek to cheer me up a bit! This is from my trip to Westfield shopping centre in London after Christmas, where I picked up some great stuff from shops which you often can’t find within about 80 miles of my house (major downside of living in the admittedly very pretty countryside). On with the haul!

The most expensive item I picked up was the most gorgeous bag from Folli Follie. I’ve never seen a store of theirs before, so I was very interested to take a look inside. It’s an amazing muted taupe-grey colour, which was part of what drew me to it. It’s a great size, not too big but definitely not too small, and it also comes with a detachable leather strap for when you’re carrying it around all day. I love the effect on the outside, it’s slightly animal-skin effect but not over the top. I’m just a big fan, plus it was half price!

We also went to Pull and Bear, which I actually first discovered in Barcelona. I picked up an amazing cardigan/poncho hybrid in the sale – it’s not something I’d wear that much but I couldn’t resist it! I also got a baggy grey tee with little black paw prints on in their New In section, which is super cute. I really do like this shop, I’d love to spend some more time in one at some point. Whenever I’ve been in a Pull and Bear it’s either been really busy or I’ve been short on time, so I’ve never really had a good look around at what they’ve got. They do have gorgeous jewellery though!


I had also only ever seen Rituals in Marks and Spencers, so it was amazing to see a whole shop. It will come as no surprise that it smelt delightful, and we were even offered a free liquorice tea when we went inside (NB for those who have never tried liquorice tea, it’s super sweet and way nicer than it sounds. And doesn’t taste anything like liquorice). I ended up getting the Bed & Body spray from their Ayurveda collection, which is my absolute favourite. It was a difficult choice but I have asked for the candle for my birthday!


Probably my favourite shop in the whole place was Inglot. I’ve never even seen an Inglot before, and this too good a chance to pass up. I ended up limiting myself to the 5-pan eyeshadow palette, and picking out some unusual colours. I’ve got so many palettes now that I feel like when I’m able to pick the shades, I should be going with ones I haven’t got anything like already. The problem with this is that it ends up being a pretty niche palette, but it is gorgeous. The experience of picking it out was great fun, the sales assistant was really nice but not overbearing, and gave me space to browse and pick colours by myself after showing me how the whole system worked. It’s something I’d definitely do again, but unfortunately their website isn’t great so it’ll have to wait for my next Westfield trip!


I of course had to make a stop at the MAC store. It was quite a bit bigger than any I’d been in before, but unfortunately it was totally packed and I could barely get one of the sales assistant’s attention for long enough to ask them to find me something. But not to worry, because I had a MAC voucher from Christmas and I am always happy to be in a MAC store. I decided to pick up my very first MAC brush, and although I really wanted to get the 217, I restrained myself as I had just got a full Zoeva brush set for Christmas… I picked up the 116 Blush Brush, which I now love. I essentially wanted a replacement for an extremely old Boots make up brush which I’ve had for years and years, but which I love using for blusher. So far the MAC edition is holding up well, and it’s just SO PRETTY. I also picked up the Skinfinish Natural in the shade Light. I’ve had my eye on this for ages! All of my powders seem to dry out my undereyes and make them very cakey, so I’ve got high hopes for this one.

Matt and I also went into a shop called T2, which solely sells tea. It’s really cool, especially if you’re a tea lover like us. After having a browse around, we decided to pick up a set which contained a tea box, a strainer and a box of loose leaf breakfast tea. We also chose a box of loose leaf Vanilla Mint tea, which smells and tastes amazing. It’s a bit of an ordeal brewing loose leaf tea, but I really do think it tastes better than ordinary tea bags. Definitely one to check out if you are at all a fan of tea!

All in all an extremely successful and enjoyable shopping trip. I’m already looking at when I’ll be able to go again, hopefully not in the too distance future!



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