Capital Weekend

Last weekend, Matt and I had decided on a weekend away in London. We’d booked the hotel, worked out parking, and arranged to meet up with friends. Of course, I ended up being ill, but we decided to go anyway. Despite not feeling my best, I still managed to have a good time, so here’s a bit of a throwback to what we ate, where we stayed, and what we bought!



We parked up at Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush and went straight into the centre. After a quick walk down Oxford Street, we headed to meet a group of my uni friends for lunch. We ended up spending the whole day with a couple of them, getting some drinks and just catching up. It was great fun and so nice to see them all again! I had to have a nap afterwards though – being ill, drinking, and lots of talking didn’t make me feel any better…



That evening, we really struggled to decide on somewhere to eat, so Matt picked somewhere randomly from a list of recommended restaurants. This place was called MEATLiquor, and the menu looked insane, so we decided to give it a go. We did have to queue outside for about 10 minutes (so cold!), and then had to wait at the bar for a table, but we got cocktails and the atmosphere was amazing, so we didn’t mind. What they said would be a 45 minute wait ended up being less than half an hour, so that was hardly a problem either. We both ordered different kinds of burgers and a side of fried macaroni cheese to share. The food was absolutely insane, the burgers were probably the best I’ve had, and the mac & cheese was truly something else. Even the marinara sauce that came with the side was just perfect. Honestly, if they weren’t so many other places to try in London, I would have happily eaten there the next night too!


The next morning we got up so late, and it took us so long to find somewhere to get food, that we skipped brunch and just got lunch. We ate at Shake Shack, which is somewhere I’ve wanted to try for a while. The cheeseburgers, fries, and milkshakes were all good, but honestly nothing too special. And not worth the price tag either! I was still glad we ate there though, as we were struggling to decide where to eat in the first place.

As we were already in Covent Garden, we had a wander around there. Matt spent the whole time in the Apple Store there – typical guy – and I made my way around the rest. I loved Kikki.K, and picked up a few blogger-cliché-type bits and pieces from there. I also popped in to Charlotte Tilbury (!), which I was really looking forward to but was a bit disappointed by. I already knew 3 things which I wanted to pick up: the Wonderglow, Light Wonder foundation, and the Flawless Finish powder. I asked for those things, pretty clearly, and the assistant went to get them and put them through the till. I thought at the time that it was a bit expensive, and made sure to check afterwards. Sure enough, she had given me the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, a completely different product, instead of the finishing powder (and a more expensive product too). I went back to explain and had to be taken downstairs to the salon area to get a refund, where I also realised that she had given me the wrong foundation! I know, I know, I should have checked before I bought, but I would also think that they should know their products a little better than that! Everything was sorted in the end, but what a palaver!





I also visited MAC and Burberry in Covent Garden, before we moved on to a bit of sightseeing. We stopped at Trafalgar Square, the walked down to see the Changing of the Guard. We saw Downing Street, and the houses of Parliament and Big Ben, then walked back up the Mall to Trafalgar Square. Not the most thorough of sightseeing but enough for us! We popped back up to Oxford Street for a bit more shopping, where I went a bit crazy in H&M Home and Muji, before finding somewhere to get some drinks before dinner. We ended up in a bar that did £10 pitchers of cocktails, of which we had 3 (!), before heading to Pho on Wardour Street for dinner, which was fantastic. We had prawn crackers, pork spring rolls, and I had the steak Pho. I also had this amazing drink which was vodka and homemade lemonade, which really did make a difference.






The next morning we visited Liz’s Cafe, which was just down the road from our hotel, The Dorsett, in Shepherd’s Bush. They basically do eggs any way you want them, so we both had variations of eggs and toast along with a pot of tea (how British). We were due to pick up Matt’s mum from the airport at about 1.30pm, as she’d been on holiday, but her flight was delayed so we had some time to spare. We had a casual wander around Westfield, I may have picked up a couple more things, and had lunch at Five Guys (nom).




All in all I had a brilliant weekend, despite being pretty ill. Of course I would have enjoyed myself more if I had been well, but it’s definitely not worth missing out on! Having not been to London shopping much in the past, this was a bit of a novelty to me, and I definitely won’t be leaving it long before going again!


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