6 Happy Things

I started off this post last week, and was planning on doing something totally different. I was aiming to do a kind of summary of last month, the ups and the downs, and what I’d been up to.

However, I was reminded recently of a rule I’d set myself regarding tweets a couple of years ago. I was constantly tweeting out negative things, and as well as no one actually being interested in reading my depressing tweets, it also put me in a cycle of sadness. I promised myself that I wouldn’t tweet anything sad, angry, moody, or really anything negative. Although I don’t necessarily follow this rule to the T now, it got me out of a bad habit when I needed it to.

That’s why I decided to change this post, and to change my weekly favourites posts (which I’d been falling WAY behind on anyway), into something I think I’d actually enjoy and look forward to creating. I’m not going to say when or how often these will be up, because I honestly think that puts me off doing things! But this is a chance for me to look back at all the great things going on right now, and hopefully you guys will enjoy it too!






Spring Days – OK, so most of the time lately the weather hasn’t been great, but we’ve had a few gorgeously sunny spring days, which just make me so happy and positive about the rest of the year! Some of my favourite things to do on days like this are walk the dog, have a wander around town, and maybe grab an afternoon drink at the pub if the opportunity arises.


Graze Box – I am SO behind the times on this, whoops! I finally caved and tried one of those free boxes, then this week promptly forgot to cancel my subscription so I’m getting charged for another one. Ahh predictability. Never mind. I actually really enjoyed the one I got last week, and I always really enjoy getting post. The Banoffee Shortbread especially was amazing – the shortbread was made with bananas and it came with a little pot of toffee sauce. It genuinely tasted like a banoffee pie, I was amazed! Honestly, Graze Box is just a little too on the expensive side for me to justify getting every week, but I’ll definitely enjoy this week’s box and it certainly won’t go to waste! Something I’d definitely consider continuing to get when I earn a bit more money.



Tapas + Cocktails – Matt and I popped out for a bite to eat and some drinks on Saturday night, and of course we headed to one of our favourite spots. They do 3 tapas for £10, so we chose fried calamari, patatas bravas, and teriyaki chicken skewers. We also ordered some ciabatta with olive oil and balsamic. Yuuuuum. I considered it preparation for our upcoming trip to Barcelona in a couple of weeks! We also ordered cocktails, which are my absolute favourite, and I particularly loved the apple and blackberry martini. It even looks pretty!


High End Make-Up Goodies – Honestly, I’m easily pleased, and any new make-up will make me happy. However, I’ve got quite the obsession with high end make-up rn. The packaging is always gorgeous and great quality, the products are more likely to be better and longer-lasting, and whether buying online or in-store the service is just on another level. I’ve got a mini haul coming up soon about some gooorgeous high end picks from my trip to London, so keep an eye out for that.


Books – OK, so this is an obvious one. Apart from the 3 years I was at uni, when the reading for essays kind of took priority, I’ve always been an avid reader in my spare time. In fact, more so when I was younger than even now. However, I’ve really rediscovered my love of buying, owning, and of course reading books. Two of those three things need money, and fortunately I now have slightly more than when I was at school (emphasis on ‘slightly’…). Plus, what with it being Christmas and my birthday quite close together, I’ve got a backlog of books to get through. I’m really enjoying picking up the latest releases and really getting lost in books like I used to.


Pastel Nails – Excuse the botched polish on my ring finger nail, but this picture was the best of a bad bunch! I’m always wary of darker colours when painting my nails, and I have quite the preoccupation with pastel-toned nail shades. Hence when spring comes around, I’m all about the baby blues, light pinks, and soft lilacs. Having painted nails in general makes me happy, as I always feel more put together when I’ve bothered to do my nails, but these kinds of colours especially are really brightening up the days when I’m feeling a bit glum.

Thank you guys for sticking around and reading to the end of this post, I hope it’s inspired you to do something to make yourself happy too! TTFN.



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