DIY Palettes from Inglot

I recently picked up another 5-pan Inglot eyeshadow palette, so I thought it was time I did a bit of a review for you guys on these babies. They’re absolutely gorgeous, the range of shadows is impressive, and of course it’s a build-your-own palette system (aka the Freedom System) – I find picking out the colours I want is half the fun!

The first lovely lovely palette I picked out over the Christmas period, on my first trip to Westfield (it has the only Inglot shop I’ve ever come across). I was trying to pick out colours that I didn’t have many of, so ended up with this random collection of colours. All very pretty but perhaps not the most complementary! The numbers, from left to right, are 393, 314, 12, 404, and 433.


393 is a gorgeous peachy shimmer shade. It’s a bit different for an inner-corner highlight, and works really well over other shadows to add a bit of sparkle. If it’s your kind of thing, it also works well as a wash all over the lid, although the shimmer really does stand out. 314 is a super matte orangey pink. I’m looking at the colours on the website now and it comes across really orange, but IRL it’s far more of a pink. It’s not too bright though, or neon, and it actually works really well in the crease if you’re a dab hand at blending. It looks fantastic under golds, and also with the previous shadow for a super girly pink-toned smoky eye.

12 is an amazing ‘Shine’ shadow. It’s this unusual purpley-reddy-brown, which is great for doing a more glitzy smoky eye. Honestly, I haven’t got a lot of use out of this one yet, as I haven’t been wearing many dark eyeshadows, although you can sheer this one out quite well – I think the Shine formula is more buildable than anything else. Still, a real unique colour. 

Next up is 404, which doesn’t look like much but is in fact a really lovely green-toned gold. In the shop, I actually thought this was more green than gold, but I love the actual colour even more. It’s a fantastic versatile shimmer, which also looks great paired with the final colour in this palette, 433. This is another one which looks a completely different colour on the website, so much so that I thought I couldn’t find it for about 5 minutes. On the website it comes across as a grungy beigey-brown, but as you can see from the pictures it’s quite green-toned. On the eye, it’s less green, but more brown, and as I mentioned with 404 this makes for an amazing green-tinged warm brown smoky eye.

I picked up my second palette the other weekend, again from Westfield. This time I was going for a metallic theme, as the golds, bronzes and even a silver shade caught my eye. The numbers of the shadows in the palette below are 08, 151, 154, 157, and 329.


08 is an almost cool-toned champagne gold, perfect for a glitzy inner corner highlight, over top of another colour for a pop, or on it’s own all over the lid for a low-key glam look. So versatile, I’ve probably got lots of similar colours, but I had to have it to complete a metallics palette!

151 is an amazing, true silver. As with 08, this is a ‘Shine’ shadow, as you might expect from such a metallic shade. Honestly, I can’t see myself wearing this too much (although cool-toned smoky eye anyone??), but it was just such a gorgeous shade. This also works well as a pop of glitz on top of another shadow if used sparingly.

In the middle of the palette is 154, another champagne-based colour but much darker. It’s much more of a brown than a gold, but still has that amazing metallic finish. This is great for all over the lid, and is generally just a perfect metallic shadow. Next to that is 157, which has to be my absolute favourite from this palette. It’s a bronzey-copper shade, with fairly red undertones. This is the exact kind of colour that I’ve been absolutely loving lately, which I think looks amazing as a part of most eye looks. I’m even happy to wear this alone on the lid, despite the red tones, because it’s such a lovely colour!

Finally, 329 is a matte deep cool-toned brown, quite similar to MAC’s Embark. I added this to the palette to create smokier looks, and this also works when run lightly through the crease, to deepen up the eye a little. It works really well with the gold, copper, and brown shadows in this palette, it’s exactly the kind of shade I was looking for. With almost a purpley undertone, this is also a fairly unique shadow.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look through my Inglot palettes! I absolutely love the colours, and the quality of the shadows and the packaging is excellent. The shimmery shadows are perhaps not the most pigmented I’ve ever used, but the mattes are truly fantastic. For the price point, I would really recommend these. They’re perfect for creating your own unique collection, and are also an excellent idea for a gift for someone else. They’re so unique, and I genuinely enjoyed the whole process – choosing shadows, building my palette, and of course using these shadows in my everyday routine. If you’re anywhere near an Ingot store, check them out!


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