High End Make Up Haul

As I mentioned in my 6 Happy Things post the other day, I’ve been loving picking up a few high end make-up pieces from time to time. Of course, when I was in London for the weekend, I had to take advantage of all the amazing shops that we don’t get out here in the sticks, so here’s a little round up of what I picked up, and a sort of first impressions or what my opinion is of them so far!


We had already been to Selfridges, and although there were some amazing brands in there, it was super crowded and we didn’t stay for long. The next day we headed to Covent Garden, so I decided to make the most of it and pop into some of the individual stores instead. I headed straight for Charlotte Tilbury of course, and although the packaging is gorgeous and everyone raves about almost everything they sell, I wasn’t overly impressed. Being in the tiny store makes you realise actually how few products they make! Nevertheless, I had a bit of a wishlist in mind and, not being able to flag anyone else down, I went up to the till and asked the woman working there for the 3 things I wanted. She went off to get them, came back, and I paid. Only then did I stop to think that it was probably a bit expensive… And lo and behold, she had given me 2 items I didn’t ask for. After queuing back up again, I then had to go downstairs to the salon in order to do an exchange, and it turned out that one of the products I wanted wasn’t even in stock!

I ended up with the Wonderglow and the finishing powder in the lightest shade. I had also wanted the Light Wonder foundation. The Wonderglow I’ve tried before from a sample, so I already knew I would love it, and I’m really impressed with the powder so far. It sets under the eyes and around the T-zone perfectly, with little to no caking. It’s not got much coverage, but it’s a perfect light setting powder. The Wonderglow, as you might expect, gives an amazing glow to the skin. It does look quite glittery initially, but once you’ve put even a light base on top, it just leaves that ‘lit from within’ glow behind. Despite loving the products, I won’t deny that I was disappointed with the service and the experience instore. Charlotte Tilbury is an expensive brand, and if I’m willing to spend £100 of my own money on just a few products, I kind of expect to get the items that I’ve asked for first time. This won’t put me off buying from the brand again – I’m still after that foundation – but I think I’ll stick to online orders from now on!



I also popped into MAC and picked up 2 eyeshadow pan refills in Coppering and All That Glitters. I’m slowly trying to fill up my MAC pro palette – I just can’t justify spending £10 per eyeshadow on more than one or two at once! I’ve been using both ever since I got them, and they’re both gorgeous. As always with MAC shadows, they’re super pigmented and blend beautifully.

I then fatally wandered into the Burberry Beauty store in Covent Garden. I genuinely did just want to browse, never having bought or even seen any Burberry make up. But as always, the sales pitch got me, and I ended up with the one and only Pale Barley eyeshadow. Honestly, it could have been much worse! I really didn’t need another eyeshadow, never mind a nude shade, but it is truly gorgeous. Everything from the colour through to the packaging is just so so so pretty, it’s buttery and applies wonderfully and it’s just a damn good eyeshadow (although one might expect so for the price). In all honesty, it’s probably not worth the money, but if you’re a bit of a make-up junkie like me, you’ll adore having this in your collection.



Finally, I wanted to talk about a couple of pieces I picked up from the Urban Decay Summer Collection. There’s so much I like in the collection but I thought for now I’d limit what I got to these two items. I chose the Beached Bronzer in the shade Sunkissed, and one of the new Afterglow highlighters in the colour Sin. They are both absolutely beautiful! The bronzer is the more pink-toned of the two available shades, but it suits my skin tone perfectly. It’s fantastic for just warming up the face in a subtle way, no harsh lines, no muddy spots, just a healthy warmth to the skin – just what I’m looking for in a bronzer. If I get more of a tan coming up to summer, I’d definitely consider getting the darker shade too. The highlight is so so pretty – it’s fairly similar to champagne shades like the Mary-Lou Manizer and the highlight in the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow palette. It really is just gorgeous, it applies beautifully, and it’s not too glittery – it packs a punch but I still wear this to work!



So that’s all of the high end make up that I’ve been hauling recently! As I said, part of what I love about buying high end make up is the actual buying part (I am aware that this might make me a shopaholic….), and I’m so so pleased with what I picked up. Look out for more of these kind of posts in the future!


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