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Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, I spontaneously decided to completely redecorate my room. Just to put that in perspective, I’ve had the same wallpaper in my room, and really done nothing decorative to my room, since I was about 8. Yup. Who knew that I’d hate that purple and pink starry wallpaper after a year or two?! Anyway, I made the decision the weekend before, cleared out my room each evening after work in the week, and kicked everything off on Good Friday. I had a lot of help – my mum, brother, Matt, and my friends Ellie and Sam were all hugely helpful (thanks guys!) – and actually got my whole room done in 4 days. That also included a trip to Ikea to get all new furniture!






I have to say, the wallpaper stripping, scraping, sugar-soaping, wall filling, painting the walls and the skirting boards and the trims was exhausting. However, the worst thing without a doubt was working with white paint over a yellow base (the original colour under the wallpaper). I was constantly seeing tones of yellow even after 3 coats, which drove me CRAZY. I still do sometimes…





Anyway, we finally got all of the walls painted. I had then planned to paint my existing shelves white, but after 2 solid days of painting, that was the last thing I wanted to do. I was unsure about a big set of shelves in my room too – they were quite hard to organise. So what else was there to do except make a very expensive trip to the Ikea an hour away from my house to buy all new furniture?? I ended up with two different sizes of the white Malm drawers, the white 9-drawer Alex drawers, a set of the white Kallax square shelves with 8 spaces, and 3 Lack wall shelves. Yup, that’s a lot of Ikea furniture! It took a while to put together, but it all looks so good now, and it’s all so matching! It was also great for helping me to cut down on junk, as I had slightly less storage space than before, meaning I had to ged rid of stuff. It was a difficult process, but I felt so much more calm and organised afterwards.





I’m so pleased with how everything turned out, although I haven’t actually got everything back up on the walls yet! The room looks so much brighter and bigger, it’s unbelievable. I also had a great time buying all-new bedding, cushion covers, and random green curtains! It’s made a such a difference, and although it kind of ruined what could have been a relaxing Easter weekend, it was definitely worth it.



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