[REVIEW] Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

Having relatives who live in America has its upsides and downsides. Obviously I don’t get to see them very often, but I do get awesome holidays and US make-up available whenever people are visiting. I take full advantage of this, and this was kindly brought over for me a week or so ago. I know Tarte is available in the UK, but this was definitely an easier option!

I also got the matching concealer of this, but I haven’t really tried that out enough yet. Look out for a review of that coming soon! I’d like to say that both of these and the whole collection have the most gorgeous packaging, it’s bright and colourful and ombre and shiny – what more could you want!??


Ok, first thing’s first, let’s carry on with the packaging of the foundation in particular.Yes, it’s gorgeous. That’s pretty clear. It’s a great one to have to on display. But, it is glass, so it’s heavy and not great to travel with. The top button/pipette combo to get the foundation out is tricky at best, and whatever way you do it there’s no denying that it’s messy to work with. Not my favourite packaging for a liquid foundation, although the using the pipette to pump out the foundation does take me back to primary school science lessons!


The formula is actually really great. The finish is light, fresh, and slightly glowy, although definitely more on the satin end of the spectrum (as opposed to full-on glitter ball…). As the name might suggest, it is a fairly watery foundation, although perhaps not as much as you might expect. It is of course a liquid, but it doesn’t run everywhere when pumping it out onto your hand/brush/sponge. This also makes it really easy to apply, and again it’s not as sheer as you might expect. Even with a sponge (I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge), one coat is enough to even out skintone and cover redness. Any kind of breakouts will need extra coverage unfortunately. This is a water-based foundation though, and for what it claims to be it works fantastically.

I’ve found this foundation to wear quite well throughout the day. I’ve worn it for full days at work, which means applying at around 7am and wearing it until around 7pm, so a good 12 hours worth of wear. At the end of the day, my skin still looked fresh and glowy. The only significant areas where the foundation had rubbed away were around my nose and on my chin. Foundation tends to flake around the sides of my nose, so it was great that this faded rather than flaked. Plus, my base always gets rubbed off of my chin from frequent contact, so that’s to be expected. Overall, I was impressed by how this wore and would consider it an oddly lang-lasting light base.

These pictures show how well the base has worn after a 12-hour wear:



Please excuse the wonky bun (that’s what a full day’s work does to my hair apparently), and the redness (more visible in the top picture) is actually sunburn which is understandably showing a little after wearing the foundation all day. You can also see where it’s rubbed off slightly from my chin and the sides of my mouth, but nothing major. I love the glow-factor that’s left after this long, especially in such a non-oily way!

I’m seriously impressed with this foundation. Although the packaging doesn’t make this the easiest product to grab and use, the bottle is gorgeous, the wear is excellent, and the overall fresh and brightening look is just my favourite. A massive thumbs up from me, definitely get your hands on this if you can!



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