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It’s about time I got round to writing this! It’s currently a fortnight after we got back from Barcelona, and I think it’s best that I get this all down before I start forgetting things. Matt and I traveled to Barcelona from Heathrow for a week at the end of April, and despite getting sunburnt on the second day (oops!)we had a really fantastic time! Just FYI though, this was our third visit to Barcelona in four years, so we were far more interested in finding great restaurants than getting round to all the tourist spots…!



There are some amazing things to see in Barcelona. Out of the places that we didn’t get to this time, I would really recommend the Sagrada Familia (obviously…), the Fountains of Barcelona, and the Catalan Museum of Art. However, this time around we discovered some great new places to visit. We hadn’t before been up to Castell Montjuïc, which is an amazing place to see most of the city. We also spent a morning at MUHBA, which is one of the main museums in the city. It contains the remains of the original Roman settlement which Barcelona grew from, and although there’s not an awful lot to see, it is really interesting. Plus, it’s only €7 per person to get in! The main place we visited this time around which we hadn’t been to before was Park Güell, which contains many buildings of Gaudí design. It’s a really cool place to visit, I’d really recommend it to anyone visiting the city.




We also spent a day at the beach (where I definitely didn’t get horribly sunburnt, because I might be quite stupid). Barceloneta beach is unbelievably beautiful, the sea was insanely blue, and it ended up being the nicest day we had. On our first day, Matt had managed to get tickets for a Barcelona FC game so we also went to the Nou Camp for the first time. For anyone interested in football, it’s a must see. Honestly, I don’t know how Matt and I have been to Barcelona 3 times and he’s never before dragged me to the stadium!






Aside from those, there wasn’t really much touristy stuff that we did. We rented an apartment for the week this time round, which was right in the middle of the old town. Having previously stayed a little ways out from the centre of the city, we really enjoyed being in the middle of everything. It meant no rushing back for the last Metro train at night, and also being able to take a bit more time in the mornings as we didn’t have to rush out. Having an apartment and having been to Barcelona before, it also meant that we were a bit more relaxed about just wandering around and visiting the nearby park, taking in everything in El Born (the old town area). This made it feel so much more like a chilled out holiday, rather than a tourist trip around every attraction in the city. Definitely my favourite way to do things!




Food-wise, this was one of the best trips we’ve been on! We visited a couple of classic places for amazing gelato, like Vioko and La Campana. Although Barcelona is famous for its tapas, we seriously overloaded on tapas last trip and so we were a bit more adventurous with our meals this time around. We had Mexican, Italian, plenty of nachos (nom), he best burgers on the planet (Bacoa), Chinese tapas, and we did of course have a few meals of traditional tapas. We had some of the best Iberico ham dishes at Numero Nuevo, discovered a new favourite in La Luna, and of course went twice to the old classic, El Xampanyet (€10 litre bottles of cava anyone?).





Aside from all that, I did a LOT of shopping! I couldn’t resist a visit (or three) to Sephora to severely damage my bank balance. I picked up some pieces from Rituals, which is way cheaper in Europe. We also made multiple trips to the huge H&Ms, Zaras, and Pull and Bears near the Plaça de Catalunya, along with a fantastic Kiko store which had absolutely everything. I’m thinking a separate post for all of my shopping is probably in order!


I hope this post has been somewhat informative for those of you who might be interested in visiting Barcelona. It’s honestly one of my favourite ever places, and I’d recommend it to everyone, even if it’s just a weekend break to eat your body weight in tapas!


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