Barcelona Sephora Haul

We’re going back a while now, but when I was in Barcelona about a month ago, I went and spent waaaaaaay too much money in Sephora. There’s a huge Sephora in a little shopping centre which opens out onto the Plaça de Catalunya. It’s so big that it’s actually downstairs, with a whole level to itself. I was really impressed with the other beauty shops around that area (Rituals, Kiko etc), but Sephora was always going to be on my wishlist for a European holiday! I actually visited the store a total of three times, which I think points towards how obsessed I am with make up. Anyway, here are the bits I picked up from Sephora.


Kat von D Shade and Light palette

I’m not proud to say that this was a totally spur of the moment buy, and not something I’d been looking to pick up. I have been wanting to try a contour palette for a while, but never found one that really wowed me.  This is just so pretty! I think I’ll get good use out of most of the shades, and it’s super pigmented – maybe not the best to try out contouring, as I am, but amazing quality all the same.

Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix

This stuff is AWESOME! I really love sprays anyway, hydrating sprays, setting sprays, whatever. This is something else which I wasn’t expecting to get, but I couldn’t resist. This has genuinely been an instant staple for me, I use it every day and so much of it has gone already! It’s the perfect mix of setting spray and hydrating spray, giving a healthy, glowy look to the skin after makeup has been applied.

Sephora Colourful blush in Sweet On You 

I love picking up one or two Sephora own brand products whenever I’m visiting a store. They can be quite hit and miss, but some of their stuff is really fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed using this blush so far – it’s the prettiest coral colour and not too pigmented, so you don’t have to be too careful with it. It’s also impressively long lasting. Thumbs up from me!

Sephora Daily Brush Cleanser

This is a cute little bottle which I thought I’d try, as I’d been meaning to get my hands on a spot cleanser for quite some time. I don’t wash my brushes nearly as much as I should so I thought this would be perfect. Although it works, I think this is quite strong stuff, because the only brushes I’ve tried it on now have little spots all over the metal ferrules at the top of the brush, which won’t come off. I’ve held off using it for now and might have to do a bit more careful testing!

Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation in Petal

We all know I’ve been on a bit of a foundation spree lately, and this is just one of a long line of purchases! I actually ended up buying this in duty free on the way home, but I know they do stop Benefit in Sephora. I actually really really like this foundation already. The shade’s a tiny bit dark for me, but perfect when I’m tanned for summer. I’ll be doing a review on this so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer in Y23 (I think!)

This is the teeniest tiniest little tube of concealer, but wow does it go a long way. There’s really not much product in here, but beware of overusing, as it’s pretty thick and high coverage. It does however blend really well, wear brilliantly, and in such a light shade it’s perfect for under-eye brightening/concealing.

Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush #56

This brush is just gorgeous. It’s really amazing for foundation, gives you a flawless application, and works with pretty much any kind of consistency. It’s quite a small headed brush, so can take a little longer to cover the face, but that makes it really good at getting into all the difficult to reach places like under the eyes and around the nose. Honestly excellent and makes me want to try more Sephora face brushes.

Sephora Pro Blending Brush #27

I genuinely don’t know why I picked this up, but I’m glad I did. I’m not sure that eye brushes are worth spending the money on as much as face brushes, but this is a great all-rounder. It’s basically a blending brush which isn’t overly fluffy, but I find that it works for everything. It can be used to pack on eyeshadow, define the crease, blend out, deep the outer corner, and highlight the inner corner. A great one to take away with you to save space on packing.

Too Faced Love Flush blush in Baby Love

Ever since I picked up one of these Love Flush blushes in America last year, I’ve been after this neutral shade. The other one I have is Love Hangover, a much deeper pink shade, which is gorgeous but these are so pigmented that I find it difficult to use without making myself look like a clown. Baby Love is a much more neutral pink-brown shade, which is easier to use. These are, as I said, so colourful, but they blend out really nicely and last all day. And I mean, all day.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Terre Nueve

I’ve done a separate blog post about this base here, so check it out if you’re interested. This was another random buy which, although something I wanted, wasn’t exactly on my wishlist for Sephora, as we can get Nars pretty easily in the UK. But I was, of course, feeling spendy, so this fell into my basket. Highly recommended, just make sure you pick up the right shade!

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Hydrating Primer

This is so so so good. I’ve heard quite a few reviews about these primers, some of which don’t seem to have much effect. This one, however, is excellent. It really is hydrating, and creates an amazing base for makeup. There’s not much else to say about this, apart from that if you have combination to dry skin, you need this primer in your life.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara

Every blogger and their mum has been talking about this, and so I had to pick it up. I’ve yet to try it out as I’ve already got quite a few mascaras on the go. I can’t wait to try this out, I’ll have to promise a review in the future to make up for not knowing now!

I was going to add my few Kiko purchases (pictured above) to this post, but it’s already ridiculously long, so I think I’ll leave it there for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed a nosy through my Sephora basket, and if not then enjoy the fact that Monday’s nearly over!


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