Best YouTube Channels for Make-Up Tutorials

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute YouTube addict. I especially love watching anything to do with make-up, and I’m a massive fan of UK YouTubers like Fleur de Force, Lily Pebbles, and Hello October, who make beauty videos, mixed in with different elements like fashion, cooking, and vlogs. I’ve also started watching American YouTubers a lot more, although that just makes me jealous of all the products they can get over there that we can’t! One type of video that I really enjoy watching are make-up tutorials or routines, whichever you prefer. Here’s a round-up of my absolute favourite channels for watching make-up tutorials, from basic everyday looks to out-there masterpieces of creativity.

Brianna Fox

Brianna does THE most awesome make-up tutorials! She’s experimental with eyeshadow, but does more everyday looks too. Her foundation/contouring how-tos are a must watch as well. She’s an American YouTuber who creates mostly beauty and hair videos, and although not every video will be for everyone, her uploads are super easy to pick and choose from. She’s also a top 20 finalist in the NYX Face Awards, so keep an eye out for her crazy-themed challenge videos!


Kathleen is quite possibly my absolute favourite person on YouTube. When I first discovered her channel, I watched back episodes for days. Her videos are the ones which always make me happiest when they pop up on my subscriptions page (yes, YouTube makes me happy…). I think I enjoy watching her hauls and unboxings most, but she does absolutely brilliant tutorials as well. She’ll often do a crazy eye, but her face make-up is much more natural, and she’s great to follow if you have dry skin and struggle with finding the right make-up, as that’s her skin type too.


For anyone first starting out with cosmetics, head to Pixiwoo’s channel. They create a complete mixture of looks, ranging from the simplest light make-up to full-on drag looks, but everything is easy, they use tons of affordable products, and they really cater to those who might be beginners, talking through every motion. Well worth a browse through their videos.

Allana Davison

Allana is another one of my favourite YouTubers. Just like Kathleen, she’s a genuinely nice person, and viewers also see a lot more of Allana through her vlogs, which are awesome. Her make-up tutorials are so achievable, and she does really interesting takes on tutorials, like creating three looks from the same palette in the same video. Great for anyone with combination skin or blemishes, as Allana’s a pro at dealing with these.

Jaclyn Hill

Okay, so everyone knows who Jaclyn Hill is. If you’re at all interested in beauty, then you’ll have heard of the infamous Champagne Pop. Jaclyn does THE most flawless tutorials, with super full coverage make-up and gorgeous eye looks. If you want make-up for an event or special occasion, or if you’re a make-up junkie like me and do full face looks for no reason, her channel is a must.

Some other YouTubers to check out for simple make-up tutorials:

Vivianna Does Make Up – My Spring Look

Hello October – Shay Mitchell Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Elanna Pecherle – May Everyday Makeup

Fleur de Force – My Everyday Spring Makeup!

For more full-coverage, crazy and slightly out-there looks, try these channels:

Nikkie Tutorials – Blue Lipstick + Glowy Glam Cut-Crease Makeup

Just Taylor – How to Slay Intense Smokey Eyes

Kim Thai – Colorful Shadows + Glitter Wing + Barbie Pink Lips

If you’re interested, there’s plenty of channels and videos to keep you occupied for a couple of hours! I really love watching all kinds of make-up tutorials, because whether or not it’s something I’m going to want to recreate, I love to see the transformation that occurs when people put on make-up. And, in that case, the crazier the better!


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