[REVIEW] Nars Tinted Moisturiser

Ok, so I’m super late to the party on this one. I’ve constantly heard about the Nars Tinted Moisturiser on YouTube and in blogs, but just didn’t think it was for me. Despite the fact that I love light bases, I’d previously had a tinted moisturiser which was actually coming up really dry on my skin, which put me off them for a while. However, having discovered this, I’ll be far more open to trying other tinted moisturisers in the future (at least, when I’ve used up some of the many many foundation I already have!).


First, the application. You definitely don’t need too much of this. If you use a lot, it can get slightly difficult to blend in, as it almost sits on skin. However, build it up and blend it in well, and it works perfectly. It blends in quickly and really evenly, with fingers, a beauty sponge, or even a brush (although that wouldn’t be my preferred method). All in all, super easy to apply and blend out.


The look this gives is pretty glowy, but definitely in a good way! For my combination to dry skin, this is an absolute dream. It’s glowy enough, but not so much so that I look oily or sweaty (!!). It’s a light coverage, which is what I tend to go for, but it is impressive for a tinted moisturiser. Applied well, it could definitely pass for a light-medium foundation. My only complaint, and it’s not really a complaint, is that the shade I have is now too light for me, as I’ve got a slight tan. I did pick this up in Sephora in Barcelona, and I did ask about the colour, but I was horrifically red and sunburnt so I don’t blame the salesperson for being a bit out! Unfortunately this means that I can’t really wear the perfect summer base when I’m tanned, which is obviously the case in summer. I would consider getting a darker shade of this, but there’s so many amazing new bases out there that I want to try, that I’m not sure I could justify having two colours of the same formula.


[Above: Shade Light 0 blended out (top) and swatched]

This wears really well, even for a foundation, no matter a tinted moisturiser. It stays all day, and only gets a bit shiny and/or crumbly around the nose area. It lasts really well as a base for other makeup (as long as it’s initially blended in well), and doesn’t break all the powders down as the day goes on. It’s also really nice on it’s own, without a full face of makeup. It offers coverage, but not too much that it looks weird without other makeup. A layer of this and some mascara (on a good skin day, obvs), and I’m ready to go.


A highly recommended base, I’d definitely check this out if you’re at all in to lighter bases, especially for the summer. For reference, my too-light shade is Terre Nueve (literally the lightest one they do), and you can pick up one of these from £29, from anywhere that stocks Nars (try feelunique, ASOS, or SpaceNK).


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