Hey August

I’ve seen quite a few people doing posts lately about the month that’s just past and the upcoming month. I thought this was an awesome idea to just write a bit of a post for me, with my thoughts on what went on in July, and about what’s to come in August.

Honestly, July was a bit of a funny month for me. I felt like I was pretty busy, but nothing really happened. I definitely feel like I’ve got into a bit of a rut at work, it’s the same old day in day out. Luckily everything changes in October when we start to agile work, so that should shake things up a bit. Until then, we’ve got this month to sort everything out, I’m away for most of September, and then it’ll be time to move! I’m really looking forward to the change.

I want August to be a more productive month than the past few. I don’t know about any of you guys, but I always feel better when I’ve got things finished and out of the way, and quite proud that I’ve accomplished something, however small that might be. When you’re taken out of the academic environment, an awful lot of those accomplishments and productivity disappears. There’s nothing quite as obvious as finishing a 2000 word essay which has taken you all week, and knowing that now it’s done you can completely relax. August is hopefully going to be the month when I start all those things I’ve been meaning to do: posting more on this blog and social media, filming another youtube video, getting a particular job sorted at work, starting to relearn Spanish, and planning our trip to America. I’d also love to get out and walk more – I’m so lazy when it comes to doing anything after work!

You might also have noticed that the blog has had a little redesign! I’m in love with the new logo, and the whole thing has really just boosted me to spend more time on my blog.

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite pictures that represent July 2016 for me.

L ➹

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