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When I saw that Space NK were getting the Champagne Collection Face palette back in stock, I just couldn’t resist! I’d umm-ed and ahh-ed about it initially but convinced myself that I didn’t need it. Of course, I still don’t need it, but I just couldn’t pass it up. And it’s so so beautiful! I can’t wait to start using this properly, but for now here are my initial thoughts and some swatches to keep you going.

Everything about the look of this palette is, of course, gorgeous. The packaging is weighted and good quality, a mixture of white, gold, and flecks of silver. There’s a huuuuuge mirror inside, which is always a bonus. The pans are an extremely good size – as you can see from the picture above, the highlighters are nearly as big as the full size, and the blushers are probably just over half that size. Beautifully presented, plenty of product, and great practicality.

Onto the powders themselves. The three blushes in the palette are, from left to right, Rosé Spritz, Amaretto, and Pamplemousse. Rosé Spritz is the only Luminous Blush in the palette, and has an amazing gold shimmer to it. Amaretto is a Mineral Blush, as is Pamplemousse. Amaretto is a warm orange brown, which is more of a bronzer shade to be honest – I can’t see myself using this as a blush! And Pamplemousse is an amazing pink, which is both bright and deep at the same time. All of these shades are insanely pigmented, the Luminous Blush shade especially, and need a light hand for application.

The two highlighters are the iconic Champagne Pop, and the brand new Prosecco Pop. Although Champagne Pop on its own has always looked very gold to me, sitting next to Prosecco Pop it appears almost rosy. It is slightly cooler toned, especially in comparison to the stand-out, true gold of Prosecco Pop.  Both are truly gorgeous highlighters, and although people have said they’re not as good quality as the original, I don’t agree. The single highlighter above is also Champagne Pop, and although it’s slightly more cream-to-powder than the palette version, I noticed no difference when applied to the face.


Above are swatches of the five shades. From left to right they are: Rosé Spritz blush, Amaretto blush, Pamplemousse blush, Champagne Pop, and Prosecco Pop. As you can probably see, the Rosé Spritz luminous blush comes up a lot more pigmented than the other two mineral blushes. It’s also clearer in a swatch how Champagne Pop is more of a true champagne, neutral-toned gold, whilst Prosecco Pop is definitely more of a true yellow gold. Both insanely pretty shades nonetheless.

I really love this palette, it’s actually quite impressed me. Of course, I had high hopes, but often with hyped-up products like this they can turn out not quite as great quality as expected. This palette is, however, an exception to that. If you can afford it, and you’re a fan of a glowy look, this palette is definitely for you. If you can find it, of course!


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