[REVIEW] Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation

I bought the Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation on recommendation from my cousin, and as it’s the only foundation she uses I thought it must be good. It retails for £26.50 on feelunique.com, although I actually picked this up in duty free a couple of months ago, and I’ve only just got round to really testing it out and giving it a good full day of wear. As I’m writing this, I’ve actually worn the foundation for the last three days, including today. It’s been worn from around 7am often until 7-8pm, so a good 12 hours wear. Here are a few of my thoughts and findings on this foundation and how it wears throughout the day.


Firstly, packaging and colour. The packaging is cute, I mean, this is Benefit we’re talking about. However, it is just pretty, not over the top, or impractical like some of their products can be. In fact, the packaging is really great for functionality – it has a pump, it’s clear so you can see how much you have left, and it has a secure lid to stop any spillages in transit. The colour I chose, which is called Petal, is a smidgen too dark for me. It’s been great over the last month or so when I’ve been quite tanned. When buffed in well it blends a lot better with my skin, but initially it looks very orange when applied. Definitely quite a warm undertone to this particular shade, and I would have to go for a lighter one if I wanted to wear this all year round.

Onto the formula. I can see why this is my cousin’s favourite – it’s so lightweight, quite liquid, but actually provides some decent coverage, definitely the best of both worlds. You need a decent amount of this, but it blends really nicely into the skin. I’d recommend a buffing brush over a beauty blender purely because I think a sponge would sheer it out a bit too much, but of course it provides a pretty flawless finish either way. My Morphe M439 deluxe buffer brush works brilliantly with it.

This also wears really well throughout the day. The coverage doesn’t seem to fade at all, which is seriously good. I do always use a primer, but more often than not it’s a glory or hydrating primer rather than one that’s going to seriously prolong the wear of makeup. It made the area round my nose get a little oily, which wouldn’t usually happen, but you can get away with using a little extra powder and it doesn’t get cakey due to the foundation being so light. It’s really winner in my book, and I kind of wish I’d got a lighter shade. With only 9 shades to choose from, there’s definitely not going to be one for everyone, although like I said above they do seem to blend into the skin really well which alleviates the problem of a lack of perfect colour match.

[The pictures below show the wear first thing in the morning, and straight after work at around 5pm]



Overall, I’d really recommend his foundation. I imagine it would suit most skin types, although if you’re on the oily side I’d perhaps be a little wary. You can usually get pretty good samples from Benefit so it’s worth giving it a go before you decide whether or not to purchase. This is just my kind of foundation, and I’ll be trying my very best to use this as much as possible before my tan begins to fade!


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