Hey December

It’s finally here! Without a doubt my favourite month of the year! Yes the weather’s crappy and it gets dark at like 3 in the afternoon and I have to get up five minutes earlier just to de-ice my car every morning BUT, it’s Christmaaaaaaaas! I’ve always been a bit of a Christmas fanatic, although I think I’ve managed to rein it in a bit this year. I only started listening to Christmas songs in mid-November, and I’m only now starting to put up the decorations.

I love advent and the run up to Christmas the most. I really enjoy finding great gifts for other people, seeing lights and decorations everywhere, and the food, drink, and parties that always come with the festive season. I even enjoy getting prepared for the big day itself, getting everything for the perfect Christmas dinner, sorting out crackers, personalising presents, and readying everything for a special Christmas Day breakfast. Everywhere you visit in the run up to Christmas seems so much better, decked out in lights and decorations. The ridiculous early onset of sunset has one silver lining, when all of the streets are lit up as you make your way home. Homes are cosy and warm, fires are lit, and it’s so much more reasonable to answer the door to the postman (delivering all of your presents!) wearing pyjamas at midday. Well, I think it is anyway! And even when Christmas itself is over, I like to take the week between Christmas and New Year off from work, and just be lazy. It’s so nice to be able to just do nothing, have no responsibilities or worries playing on your mind, and just take some time for yourself before starting afresh in January.

December can be stressful, sure, but in my opinion the memories made and experiences had with friends and family outweigh the stress of the festive season. Still, here’s a quick look back at some of my favourite pictures from a pretty chilled (both metaphorically and literally) November!

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