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Sleek MakeUP seems to be taking the beauty world by storm. It’s affordable, good quality, and the packaging is so pretty! Now available almost anywhere that sells drugstore beauty, including Boots and Superdrug, Sleek has really expanded its target audience. I picked up these three palettes in a Boots offer a while back, and after having a go with some of the shades, I thought I’d do a little review and give you guys my thoughts on these.


Probably one of the prettiest-looking eyeshadow combinations I’ve ever seen, the i-Lust eyeshadow palette (in 049 Diamonds in the Rough) has six gorgeous shimmery metallic shades. From left to right in the palette, these are Solitaire, Trillion, Princess, Asscher, Marquise, and Radiant. The first and last shadows are a more creamy formula, which is nice used as an eyeshadow base, and the middle four shadows are all a super shimmery powder formula.


As mentioned, the cream formula shades are great as a base, although they’re not that pigmented. They are quite tacky, and actually this works really well for using them as a base. Solitaire is an extremely light metallic silvery colour, with a hint of warmth, whilst Radiance is more gold-toned. The four powder shadows are so so pretty, although Marquise, the darkest shade, isn’t as pigmented as I’d like. However, the colours are all gorgeous and the remaining shades pack a punch. used with Fix+, these create a gorgeous metallic lid colour.

Another insanely shiny buy was the Highlighting Palette in Solstice. I’ve heard so many people talk about this os I had to try it out for myself. The packaging is really beautiful, and the other palettes in the range have different metallic packaging depending on the tone of the highlighters inside them.


On the top row you have Ecliptic, a natural-looking cream highlighter with a pinky undertone. This is really subtle on the cheeks but works well with the powder shades worn on top. The other shade in the top row is Hemisphere, which has an interesting lilac-pink undertone with silvery shimmer. Subsolar, the light gold shade in the left bottom corner, is a bit of an enigma. It’s almost a cross in terms of formula between the cream and the shimmery powders, and again is very subtle on the face, but an excellent one for those who prefer a less obvious highlight. And finally, Equinox has the same formula as Hemisphere, but is a much more bronzey-gold shade. I was worried this might be too dark with my skintone, but it’s not a dark colour at all.

Finally, I received the i-Divine eyeshadow palette in Ultra Mattes V2 Darks for free when I picked up the above two products. I’m not going to go into detail with every shade here, but I was pleasantly surprised with this palette. Although not the best quality, and there being a noticeable difference between these and the matte eyeshadows I’m used to wearing, this isn’t a bad palette. It’s great value for money, and I was convinced to keep it rather than giving it away due to the great range of colours in here. It’s not often that I wear makeup looks that are very ‘out there’, but the blues, purples, and greens in this palette are definitely colours worth having in my collection.


From the products I’ve tried so far, I’m really liking Sleek as a brand. I know that they don’t do many base products so hopefully they’ll expand on that, I’d love to see what they come out with! Overall, pretty impressed with this little foray into Sleek and what they have to offer.

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