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With 20% student discount and a voucher to spend, how could I not splurge on a couple of new Nars products from ASOS??!! Although ASOS doesn’t carry the best range of make-up and beauty, it does have Nars, and a good collection of Nars at that. You might not get every single shade of eyeshadow or whatever, but they carry most products, and you get the free delivery over £20 as a bonus.

The two products I went for were one of the new primers, in the Radiance version, and one of the new Unfiltered blush palettes. They are both SO PRETTY, definitely on trend with the pink packaging.

I’m just the biggest fan of radiance primers – the vast majority of my primers are illuminating and glowy. Nars has never really been big on primers so it was exciting to see them come out with three brand new ones, designed to cover the majority of skin needs. This one in particular is something quite different. It comes out of the tube a light peachy colour, quite similar to the new Mac Strobe Cream in Peachlite, but the consistency is much lighter. It’s less creamy and more like a really lightweight gel, although definitely not with a silicone feel. Blended in, you can just about see that its there, especially in the right light. The illuminating aspect is definitely there, but when thoroughly blended it is much less obvious. Although you wouldn’t want to wear this on its own, it is absolutely perfect under foundation. My apologies for the picture quality below – I was trying to show how this looks blended out, but it’s pretty unique!

The blush palette (Unfiltered II) is just gorgeous. Six shades of the infamous Nars blushers, one of which is Hot Sand, which is actually sold as a highlighting blush in single form. So I feel like you’re getting almost a whole face palette in here. The shades of course are beautiful, although the matte shades are nowhere near as pigmented as the more shimmery shades, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! The more matte shades are actually the lighter shades, they’re the first and third ones in the swatches below. It took a couple of tries to build up to that pigmentation, and I do think the first one is going to be far too light as a blush even on me. However, the others are so beautiful it makes up for it! They’re all really wearable, and I think this palette, with the options and the highlighter shade, will be great for travelling and simple looks for early mornings!

I would highly recommend both of these products, and I can’t deny they’ve contributed towards my continuing love for all things Nars!


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