Summer Catch Up

Hey everyone! After quite the extended break from blogging, I’m really looking forward to getting back into it. The past couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me, wither WAY too much going on for my liking! But I’ve finally got a teeny tiny bit of free time which I’d love to utilise for blogging. Fingers crossed I can keep that motivation going!

So, what have I been up to? I’ve finished the first half of my masters degree, so that’s pretty exciting! During May especially I was more or less just concentrating on getting my final assignment in on time, and in a reasonably decent state. I’ve had quite a stressful time with family being ill, which has unfortunately taken up a lot of my emotional energy. This is an ongoing situation for me but something which I think it’s important to accept and live with rather than letting it hold you back. On a lighter note, I also managed to get a new job offer last week! So that meant application and interviewing last month as well. Phew!

Since then, I’ve been attempting to just chill out and be more calm from time to time. I’ve been trying to get through my Goodreads challenge for the year, which is 40 books. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be much for me but I find when studying that it’s so much more difficult to read for study all day then actually enjoy reading something else in between. A couple of my favourites which I’ve read recently have been A Room of One’s Own (Virginia Woolf), Mad Girl (Bryony Gordon), and anything by Nicola Yoon. Expect reviews coming soon! I’m currently holidaying in Santorini so that has helped immensely with the chilling out! It’s so beautiful here, and I can’t wait to explore the whole island over the next couple of days. The weather is amazing but the scenery is better (and you don’t often hear me say that)! Expect a This is… post for Santorini shortly.

In terms of posts, I’d love to get back to more personal posts, not just your standard makeup reviews which I’ve got into a bit of a rut with this year. I find it so much easier to write these sorts of posts, and I enjoy it more as a result. Blogging as a hobby should be something that’s fun and something to look forward to, not another task to add to the to do list! I’ve also set up a little side blog (hehe) called Everyday Oracle, which I’d like to use for more political and philosophical posts, and perhaps to talk a bit more about my university work. I don’t feel that posts like that fit very well on this page, which I’d like to keep upbeat and primarily for the things I really enjoy writing about, rather than the things I feel like I should be writing about.

What with starting a new job and everything else that I’m sure life will throw my way, I’m unsure as to how much of this I’ll achieve, but I’ll definitely be trying my best! Catch you all soon!

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