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You may have guessed by now that I’m a bit of a book obsessive! I go through phases of reading constantly and barely reading at all, but I always come back to my love of books. Whilst on holiday in Santorini, we did a bit of a road trip one day around all the main cities (towns?) on the island. In Oia, unarguably the most gorgeous and pristine place on the island, we accidentally stumbled across the Atlantis bookshop. I had absolutely no idea it was there, but wow am I glad we stopped and looked around.

The main entrance is down a ridiculously steep set of steps, down directly from the busy and bustling pedestrianised walkway above. Even the outside is something else, a warm dark yellow building among the primarily whitewashed buildings of Oia, painted wooden bannisters, books on bookshelves painted across the frontage. It’s a curiosity and draws people in. Inside, it’s just another world. You feel as though you’re in an underground cave, with the high cavernous curved ceilings decorated with posters and timelines painted directly onto the walls. Books are crammed into every space imaginable, and loosely arranged by language and occasionally subject matter. It’s a book-lover’s paradise.



As well as selling a curated collection of new books, Atlantis also has rare and antique books for sale. These are just amazing, but pretty pricey! I could never afford any of these rare editions which are often hundred of years old, but they’re fascinating to see!


The other unique element of Atlantis is that they actually bind and publish their own books. They do a series of extracts and short stories, which are hand-bound, that the sell in the store. They were around €6, and I couldn’t resist picking up a few! I’ve purposefully chosen ones which I’m especially interested in, so as well as being a keepsake, they’re actually on topics which I want to read about.



I was so happy to find something as unique and interesting down in a basement off the walkway through the middle of Oia! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in this little haven, and if you happen to be in Santorini, I wouldn’t miss it.


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