Barcelona Buys – Duty Free / Sephora / NYX

Although I was a lot more reserved than I usually am when we go on holiday, I did of course make a few small purchases to tide me over! The majority (in terms of price) of these were actually in Duty Free at the airport on the way out there, but I also dragged Matt into Sephora and NYX – much to his delight, obviously…

I’ll start off with what I picked up in Duty Free. I purchased each one of these separately, as I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need them (clearly that backfired). First stop was Mac, where I picked out the slightly lighter, pinker version of the Hyper Real glow highlight palette. Mac is actually surprisingly discounted in Duty Free – still expensive, but I think the palette was about £8 cheaper than usual, which is over 20% discount. I haven’t tried this yet – of course more evidence that I definitely needed this palette – but will report back if it’s any good! I also *finally* got myself a bottle of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, which I’ve had on my make-up wish list for about 2 years now. I went with shade 4, because of course they didn’t have 3, but I think it works for the summer. If I really end up loving this, I can always get a lighter shade once the tan fades! Finally, just before we started walking to the gate, I caved and bought the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Love perfume, which I think has only just been released in the UK. It’s quite similar to Daisy, which I love and have used a whole bottle of, but it’s a little ‘warmer’ somehow. Judging by Fragrantica, I’d guess that this is due to the top note of Cloudberry and the absence of the more floral mid notes and vanilla base note of the original Daisy. Either way, it’s a great fruity summer scent which is both unassuming and refreshing.

Whilst we were in Barcelona, I convinced Matt to join me in one of the many NYX stores peppering the city. Although NYX is of course available in the UK, there really aren’t many actual shops you can visit. And I like to visit actual stores when I’m buying make up – it adds something to the experience, yaknow?! I love NYX eye products, so I picked up three of their single shadows (so underrated), a couple of ‘Lid Lingeries’ (awesome liquid eyeshadows), and another of their pressed face powders, which I picked up in the Translucent version. All of these are products I’ve tried before and loved, so I couldn’t resist picking up these different shades.

Finally, I headed to Sephora; the mothership. There’s a great Sephora just off the Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona, it’s really modern and spacious with tons of brands available. This time, as you have to take an escalator down to get to the main store, they had a slide. An actual slide to go down a floor. Amazing. Anywaayy, I was insanely impressively restrained in Sephora, where I have been known to spend into the hundreds of euros (or dollars more likely). I picked up a new bottle of the Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, which I absolutely love, and a nose mask (?!) which was a couple of euros and to be honest I was just pretty intrigued. Of course, I was always going to get caught out in the aisle of doom leading up to the checkout, but I managed to limit myself to a mini of the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer in the shade Vanilla – yet another repurchase.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with how restrained I managed to be – I know, I know, I’m sure most of you are snorting derisively at that, but seriously check out my make up haul from America last year. Relatively, this was VERY minimal!

L x

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