This past weekend marked the annual literature festival in our nearest town. It’s a small town, so I was extremely surprised to find out that they had a book festival every year, especially one that actually attracts pretty big-name authors. This year, there weren’t too many events which I was keen to see, but the two I did attend were fantastic!

Matt and I went to see Robert Peston, the political/economics/business journalist/commentator, who spoke in the cute little theatre in Chippy. It was technically a conversation with the woman presenting, but I think it’s safe to say that Peston took the lead. He’s an excellent speaker, not too polished but clear and accessible, his points well articulated and well argued. He has strong opinions and isn’t worried about expressing them, but he also came across as oddly neutral, getting his views across without being disparaging towards anyone else’s. His views on Brexit seem to correlate with my own, but his talk has definitely prompted me to consider different arguments and viewpoints. I’d be interested to read his book, WTF, when I can get my hands on it!

The other talk I attended was actually a proper conversation, between the presenter and two authors, Lucy Mangan and Laura Freeman. It was billed as an afternoon tea, and although there was tea, there were no scones… *Slight* let down there! I read both of the books, Bookworm and the Reading Cure respectively, before the talk, which was useful. Both books are great, as are the authors, but the discussion during the event didn’t massively cover what was in the books. However, the talk was really engaging and pretty funny, with lots of bookish discussions, which I of course appreciated! I got both books signed and both authors were lovely in person.

Overall a great couple of events at a consistently excellent literature festival – I’m impressed!

L x

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