Welcome back!

As you might be able to tell, the blog’s had a little redesign. I wanted to move away from a lot of design and just get back to the basics of blogging again, hence the somewhat retro theming. I’ll still be posting the usual kinds of post, but I’m looking to just make this a space where I can talk about all of the things I’m interested in; beauty, lifestyle, and books, but also some opinion pieces and thoughts on classics and philosophy prompted by my recent MA.

Essentially, it’s going to be far more of a mixed bag, but unfortunately that’s kind of what it’s like inside my head. It won’t be for everyone, and that’s more than fine. My reluctance to blog over the last year or so has made me realise that there’s just no point keeping up with it if it becomes a chore, something which is just another thing to remember to do at a certain regular time, which consequently becomes forced.

I’ll also be moving away from putting images on every post. If I’ve got some I want to share, then that’s great. But I’m not a fan of that feeling when you want to post and the words are there, but there’s no relevant image(s) to go along with it. The post is delayed, I spend aeons finding the best light for photos (needless to say photography is not my forte), and when it comes to posting it’s not something I feel as enthusiastic about any more.

There will likely be more posts like this – me rambling away to myself – so please do check back on the current state of my brain from time to time. I’m looking forward to branching out, and creating content (significant or otherwise) which is just more… me.

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