Graduating, Again

Despite spending 3 years there, I had no idea that Oxford University gives you an honorary Masters degree about four years after you’ve graduated. Yep. So I now (technically) have two Masters degrees, but no BA, because the MA (Oxon) replaces whatever Bachelor’s degree you achieved at Oxford.

Very strange, a massive throwback to how the university worked a couple of centuries ago, but also the perfect opportunity for a reunion! We also got to head up to the rooftop garden situated on top of the brand new library – built just after I left of course – which had some lovely views over Oxford (see above).

There was a short ceremony, we received our certificates, and had our photos taken in the gown, but by far the best part of the day was seeing old friends and heading over to the college bar after dinner to get caught up.

It was pretty surreal to stay in one of the rooms at college again – especially in a single bed! And it was just like it used to be, lunching at our favourite restaurant, going to the little shop across the road for cheap wine, formal dinner, college bar, and the inevitable hangover brunch the next day (with aaalllll the hash browns, of course). Such a fun weekend 😊

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